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Tree Trimming

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Improving The Look Of Your Property

Just like weeds that have to be trimmed down or removed, trees can also need to be trimmed to look better and to complement the property it is a part of. Trimming a tree is an art and a skill that must be learned by experience and knowledge that our arborists possess here at Mr. Tree, Inc.

If you have trees on your residential or commercial property that are looking a bit “wild,” reign them in by using our expert tree trimming services. Our experienced staff will know how to trim the trees to look complementary to the surrounding landscape and to help them look neat and well kept. Having well-kept looking trees can really add a lot of beauty to your property as it will look maintained and healthy. Tree Trimming Portland, OR

How to Hire a Tree Trimming Service

Are branches of a massive tree growing out of proportions and blocking sunlight from entering into your bedroom? Maybe it’s time for you to consider hiring a professional tree trimming company to get rid of those tree limbs that are spreading towards all the wrong directions.

If you decide to handle the job of taking down those meddling branches on your own, there might be a chance that you could end up ruining the entire tree altogether. So to be on the safer side, hire an experienced tree trimming company to handle the job for you.

Being Cautious Of Fraudulent Offers

Tree Trimming is an art and requires some special set of skills which only comes with being in this profession for long. If you try to shape a tree in your backyard with a rusty chainsaw, you might end up hurting yourself. So opting for a tree trimming company would be the right way to approach the problem of some unwanted tree limbs. However, there are several companies in the market to choose from when it comes to tree trimming. So be extremely careful not to fall for any fake and unlicensed company out there to scam you.

Written estimate of the cost

Always make sure that you ask for a written estimate of the overall cost before you finalize any company for this job. It would also be wise not to trust a company which demands to take full payment in advance. In cases where tree trimmer requests for an advance payment, do not agree for anything more than 50% of the total cost. If you have a number of trees to be trimmed in your property, ask for a fully detailed contract from your professional.

This way, you can know exactly which job entails what cost and assess if they are reasonable. It would also be easier for you to begin negotiations with the tree trimming company if you know the intricate details involved in the project.

Tree Trimming Portland Oregon

Explain Your Requirements

Most tree trimming companies use climbing spikes for climbing trees and trimming the necessary parts. However, that damages the trunk and bark of that tree to a great degree. If the tree trimming job is being done to a tree that you love dearly, you surely would not want it to get scars all over it.

Make sure you mention these little details when you sign the final contract with the tree trimming company that you hire. Request them to use an aerial lift, such as a crane, or ropes to attain the height needed to their job. The cost might get spiked a bit due to this request, but your precious tree will be spared from any unwanted damage.

Verify A Providers Liability Insurance

Trimming a tree can be quite risky at times and is not bereft of frequent accidents. Damage to the workmen involved in this profession as well as to your house can happen at any given point of time. Hence, choose the tree trimming Portland, Beaverton, Gresham company that has a valid insurance certificate and offers their workers ample liabilities.

If you have a tree trimming need, contact us today for a free estimate. Having been in business over 10 years, we offer the most affordable tree trimming services in the area, so call us today!

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