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Tree Service Sandy

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Tree Service Sandy

Since 2000 Mr. Tree has been providing top-quality tree service in Sandy and the surrounding areas. As a full service tree care and tree removal company, we can do it all. We have an in-house ISA Certified Arborist ready to help care for any of your tree concerns. We also handle large-scale tree projects, such as logging and land clearing. For over 15 years we have offered quality tree service at affordable rates in the Sandy area.

Quality tree service begins with good planning. Whether there is a need to carefully remove a tree without harming power lines in the vicinity or forest management is called for to reduce fire hazards and optimize the use of your land, we create a safe and efficient plan. We are an OSHA approved, highly trained team. From a thorough understanding of the equipment we operate to the large base of knowledge and experience along on every project, we know how to put safety first.

Why is safety so important? It means we never work on a tree without first identifying the best course of action for the health of that tree. If we are removing a tree, we ensure all structures, people, and property are safe and sound during the removal process. We are able to remove select trees without harming those close by. That is all part of the difference working with an experienced tree service team makes!

Tree Care Sandy

Residential tree care service takes a deep understanding of what specific trees need to thrive as well as knowledge about specific threats to trees in Sandy. Our aorborists can identify diseases, pests, and other hazards to the health of your trees. We can help you with planning what trees to plant as well as care for them as they thrive. This includes things like tree shaping, tree pruning, and tree trimming.

When you need a tree removed we remove the stump for no extra charge. While some companies see that as a separate service, Mr. Tree see it as part of the tree removal service.

Residential Tree Services Include:

Commercial & Industrial Tree Service

Many large-scale tree service jobs require heavy equipment. It is important to select a commercial tree service company that has their own equipment and has the knowledge and experience to use it. Not having to rent equipment helps us keep our costs down. We also have extensive training for each member of our team, ensuring your industrial tree service project is done to your exact specifications.

Tree Care SandyIndustrial and Commercial Tree Service includes:

Whatever your tree care needs, we are the tree service who can expertly get it done. See the difference we make by calling for a free estimate today.

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We are proud to server the area of Sandy, Oregon. The picturesque farms and beautiful green spaces make Sandy, OR a place to see!

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