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Tree Service Hillsboro

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Tree Service Hillsboro

Do you know how often your trees should be pruned? How about knowing when a tree has become a threat to your home, power lines, or walkways and driveways? Mr. Tree, Inc. takes tree service in Hillsboro out of your hands so you can enjoy your trees without worrying about them. Having regular tree service not only increases the longevity of your trees, it also ensures they are not in danger of causing damage to your Hillsboro home and property. With a certified arborist on staff, we keep your trees healthy and growing strong. We can also keep them growing away from roofing materials, fencing, and other areas where they create a liability.

We have be an authority in every aspect of tree service for over 30 years, and have been serving the Hillsboro area for over 15 years. That is experience you can count on! No matter the size of project you have, we have the equipment and expertise to handle it. From large-scale commercial lot clearing to backyard stump grinding, we do it all.

Tree Service Hillsboro Counts On

Mr. Tree puts planning into everything we do. Good tree care and tree service always begins with a plan. This ensures people and property will remain safe and that the best care and decisions are made. From logging to pruning to forest management, we start by assessing the trees involved and discuss our findings and suggestions with you. As your partner in tree care, we plan with you for the best outcome.

Residential Tree Service

Trees need certain nutrients and monitoring to keep them strong. Some ornamental trees need very specific care. We have the knowledge required to take on that care.

Looking for warning signs that your trees are not doing well is also important. Cuts in the exterior of a tree can result in bacteria and disease taking hold. Likewise, if pruning and trimming are not done conscientiously they can result in serious damage, eventually killing the tree.

Benefits of regular tree service include:

  • Early detection of any problems with your trees
  • Treatment of trees that are not in good health
  • Avoid damage caused by falling trees
  • Nurture your trees for continual strength and growth with the right additives in the ground
  • Beautify the aesthetics of your landscaping with tree shaping
  • Keep your yard free of the hazards a stump can create
  • Increase fruit yields and keep trees healthy with regular pruning
  • Safeguard your home from roof damage caused by tree debris and friction with tree trimming
  • We also offer 24/7 emergency services for those times when tree removal can’t wait
  • We even do Christmas tree set up

Industrial and Commercial Tree Service

Our OSHA Approved, licensed, insured, and bonded tree service professionals handle heavy-duty equipment and large-scale tree service projects of any kind. We focus on safety and precision. We can isolate specific trees for removal without harming those around them. We can also handle large logging and land clearing projects. We leave the area clean and fully cleared when we leave.

Some of our commercial tree services include:

Commercial Tree Service Hillsboro

Contact use today to get an estimate on your tree service in Hillsboro.

We are proud to offer tree service in Hillsboro, Oregon. The city has such diversity, between the high-tech industry leaders and the many beautiful green spaces, Hillsboro offers the best of both worlds.

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