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Tree Removal Oregon City

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Tree Removal Oregon City

Tree removal is an important service that should always be done with great care. It involves dedicated planning and skill to ensure the safety of all structures, property, other trees, power lines, and anything else in the area. It requires experience, knowledge, and the right equipment. At Mr. Tree, Inc. our tree removal professionals have what it takes to get the job done right. That is why we are the name people trust for tree removal in Oregon City and the surrounding areas.

We handled commercial, industrial, and residential tree removal. We own the equipment we use and do all the work ourselves. No subcontractors. That is part of the way we keep costs low and can ensure each project is done well. Inquire about adding stump grinding to ensure the area is clear for vegetation growth or future project building.

Tree Removal Oregon City Trusts

There are many reasons for tree removal in Oregon City. Whether you need one tree removed that is threatening to fall on your home or you need many trees removed for a building project, we have the equipment and expertise to carry it out. Each project we do includes a thorough cleanup afterwards. That is why people come back to us—and they tell their friends!

We are licensed, bonded, and certified, so you are ensured quality tree removal.

Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency tree removal often becomes necessary during or after a windstorm or heavy rain. If you notice a tree is leaning toward your home, power lines, or toward the street, it is important to get it removed before it causes damage. You may only need to remove one heavy branch that is cracked and ready to come down. Perhaps you have a tree that looks unhealthy. Whatever the reason, we get to you fast; we quickly assess the situation and move into action. When there is a question as to whether a tree is a threat or not, our in-house arborist can advise on whether a tree can be saved or is best to be removed.

Commercial Tree Removal

If you have trees on your lot you would like to sell or have cleared for a building project, our expert tree removal professionals can help. From planning and advising to completion and cleanup, our full-service commercial tree removal is all inclusive.

Tree Removal Oregon City OR

Some of our commercial tree removal services include:

Industrial Tree Removal

Industrial tree removal may include excavation, catwork, and other heavy-duty machinery. We have everything it takes to do this type of industrial tree service. We help clear large sites for construction or other uses.

Some of our industrial tree removal services include:

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