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Logging Portland

Logging Portland, OR


Serving: Beaverton, Gresham, Vancouver, WA & Portland, OR

When it comes to tree clearing, Mr. Tree, Inc is the premier logging service in Portland. We are the comprehensive logging solution provider. Our expert staff and logging team perform forest thinning, clear cutting, controlled burning, and even reforestation with the help of our skilled arborists.

With 15 years of experience at logging in Portland and over 30 years of logging experience overall, we offer commercial and industrial logging services that are guaranteed to be safe. Our high quality work is the best you will find in Portland and the surrounding areas. When logging is not done well, it can create damage to the land, making it difficult to build on. It can also leave a snarled mess behind. Our professionals know how to best remove trees while keeping the land in tact.

We have the latest equipment available, and the logging professionals who know how to use it. With logging, experience and know-how make all the difference in the work that gets done. Not only do we know what we’re doing, we get it done on time and on budget.

Commercial Logging

We can handle any and all aspects of forest maintenance to keep the forests safe, healthy, and usable for the demands of the area. We handle large and small scale land clearing. We also offer hauling services to ensure your land is left in good, clean shape. We work for everyone from land developers to local homeowners. There is no size of logging project we cannot do.

At Mr. Tree we listen to your specific instructions. We are able to clear areas or individual tress. We ensure that the surrounding trees, property, structures and anything else in the area will not be harmed. As professional loggers, we expertly cut and collect trees responsibly. You have our guarantee.

If you want only unhealthy trees removed from your land, our arborist is available to decide which trees fall into that category. We can also plan and log to reduce the risk of fire. Mr. Tree also does brush clearing, road clearing, and low-impact logging. Whatever your goal is for your land, Mr. Tree can help you get there with our logging services in Portland and the surrounding areas.

Other services we offer include

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Logging Portland Oregon

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