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What’s Included in Lot Clearing Services in Oregon?

You have a bit of land somewhere in the Oregon area, and you can do anything you want with it. Maybe you’ll build a home or start a business; the sky’s the limit. The only problem is, your lot is overgrown with shrubs, brush, and small trees. Before you can do anything with the land, you’ll need to have it cleared.

You can attempt to do this work yourself, but it will take an incredibly long time and require expensive equipment you may not have access to. A better option is to make use of some of the lot clearing services in your area. But what is involved in this? What about the costs? What do you get for your money?

A Walkthrough

Once you hire a service, such as Mr. Tree, the first thing they’ll do is an inspection of your land. They’ll decide what needs to be done to get the lot clear, how complex the work is, and how long it will take. They will also decide what equipment is needed and how to remove the debris and material in the safest way possible.

A Cost EstimateWhat’s Included in Lot Clearing Services in Oregon

How much the work will cost depends on exactly what is being done. If you are just clearing a few weeds, it will cost less than if you want your lot to be entirely empty. Removing trees also costs more than simply pulling some brush. Your lot clearing service professional will provide you with a cost estimate so that you understand how much it will be to get your land how you want it.

Permits and Paperwork

Another essential part of lot clearing services, before you even begin, is the necessary paperwork. Depending on where in Oregon you’re located, you may need a permit to remove trees and other growth from your lot. A professional lot clearing service, like the one offered by Mr. Tree, will help to secure the necessary permits and paperwork for you. Only after this is done can the lot actually be cleared.

Removing Debris

If you are working on a lot that hasn’t been touched in a while, chances are it will have all sorts of non-biological debris that needs to be removed. Things like large rocks or the remains of buildings that once stood in the area will all need to be carried off before other work can begin. Your lot clearing service professional will handle this.

Tree Removal

If you have trees on the property, you may want to have them removed. Or, conversely, you may want to keep them. You may have some trees you want to keep and others you want to be rid of. Your lot clearing service professional can remove the trees you don’t want and keep the ones you do. They’ll start by marking the trees that are meant to be kept. Then they’ll fell the other ones, carefully and safely, and remove them from the lot. They will also make use of stump grinders to grind and remove the tree stumps on your property.

Brush Clearing

One of the most common elements of lot clearing services is brush clearing. If your land is overgrown, there may be some larger elements such as trees and bushes. Most of the growth, however, is likely to be simple brush. Depending on how much there is, your lot clearing service professional may simply opt to pull it out by hand. If, on the other hand, there is a lot of brush, they may bring in a brush machine, which will quickly pull up any vegetation on your lot.

Weed Abatement

If you want to keep some of the plant growth on your land, such as grass and flowers, and only remove the weeds, your lot clearing service can do this as well. You will just have to specify during your initial survey that you are interested in weed abatement. The weeds in your area can be removed, allowing the other plant life to flourish.

Fire Clearance

Dead, dry vegetation can be a major fire hazard on property that you own. Before you attempt any other planting or construction in the area, you’ll want to have any dried, dead, or dying plants removed to make the land safe from fire risk. A professional lot clearing service can remove or mulch anything that is creating a fire hazard on your property.

Land Clearing

If you want to clear a lot entirely, there are lot clearing services that can handle this as well. They will perform all of the above tasks, removing any heavy debris, felling any trees, and pulling all weeds, vegetation, and brush. When they’re finished, you’ll be left with a clear lot and be free to build, or plant, anything you want.

Land Grading

After your land has been cleared, you will need to have your land graded if you want to have any construction done. Land grading is simply the process by which the land is made level. An overgrown lot that hasn’t been touched in years is most likely very uneven as well. If that’s the case, your lot clearing professional can remove dirt from higher areas and use it to fill in lower areas. Grading is also used to give the land a proper slope, allowing drainage to occur if you are planting trees or crops.


After the work that you’ve requested has been done, you’ll likely have lots of debris lying around on your lot. Felled trees, pulled weeds, and dried brush take up a lot of space, and you’ll have to decide what to do with them.

If you prefer, most land clearing services will be happy to remove and dispose of these items for you. However, you may have other plans. Sometimes, felled trees can be sold, and you can make a little money from them. You can choose to compost all of the old brush that has been pulled from your property. Whatever disposal methods you choose, your land clearing service will be able to make it happen for you.