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Should I Ask for Tree Trimming or Tree Shaping?

Having trees on your property is a long-term investment. On the one hand, they add value to the property, are aesthetically pleasing and create a healthy environment, but if not properly looked after, trees can become a hassle.

Tree maintenance is the most important investment for your tree’s health. Making sure that your tree is getting enough sun, and exposure to good soil and water, will help it grow strong. But what happens when the tree starts to grow wild? That’s when the question comes down to tree trimming or tree shaping.
Should I Ask for Tree Trimming or Tree Shaping
Tree Trimming

Tree trimming sounds like what it is, a trim for trees. This is essential to the health of trees as they grow. One of the main reasons this method is chosen is for aesthetics. Trimming is a relatively quick fix to a tree that’s beginning to look overgrown.

Choosing a good service is important though because you want to make sure that you don’t trim the wrong branches and end up having a lopsided tree. Trimming is also a good choice if you’re beginning to see dead branches throughout the tree. This could be signs that your tree is sick and if the branch is cut away correctly you can save the tree before disease can spread.

It’s important to keep an eye on dead branches and call for service when you see this as they can also fall off and become a liability on your property.

The final reason for trimming is overall health. Keeping branches from rubbing up against each other and leaving enough space for them to grow allows for air-flow, which helps the tree mature as expected.

If you decide that tree trimming is the best method for your tree then it’s time to call an expert. It is possible to do the job on your own, but there are some factors to keep in mind. Regardless of who takes the plunge, trimming should occur during a tree’s dormant season. This allows you to cut away the excess while preventing damage. This is also a good way to keep insects out of open wounds, so your tree isn’t vulnerable when bugs arrive during the warmer season.

A good rule of thumb is to work from the top down. Take a look at the larger branches and make sure they are manageable. Anything too large should be handled by a professional so you remain safe and the cut is made cleanly.

Trimming is a great method for maintaining the trees on your property. A quick call to your local tree service can give you the security you need to keep your trees healthy and stable without putting yourself in harm’s way.

Tree Shaping

The mention of tree shaping often leads to the question, what exactly is tree shaping? In fact, tree shaping is a method of growing trees into particular shapes and patterns by encouraging branch growth in a particular way. There are the more elaborate methods of interwoven trees that are pieces of art, but it is also a method of making sure your trees remain aesthetically pleasing, and don’t become a hazard to your property as they grow.

Tree shaping has a vast history and has been practiced for centuries. One of the oldest methods of tree shaping is aeroponic growing. This method was used in ancient times to encourage roots and branches to form bridges. Mixed into the roots were rocks, sticks, and soil that formed sturdy ‘bridges’ out of the trees.

The next method is instant tree shaping which is used with mature trees that are still pliable. In this method, the branches are bent into the desired design and held in place until they begin to form correctly. Bending is often used in this technique, but it’s important to have the right kind of tree and not too much pressure so the branch snaps.

The final method is gradual tree shaping which is used on young trees. This method takes longer since it begins with the seed of the tree, but can also be purposed into more complex shapes since you start when the tree is young. Tree shaping today takes the form of arborsculpture or the modern form of a living piece of art.

The common techniques of tree shaping are framing, grafting, and pruning. Framing uses different structures to encourage the tree’s growth into the design. This includes wire systems, wooden rigs, or using the tree itself.

The next is grafting. Grafting is a technique where branches or pieces of the tree are cut away and are then grafted together. When successful, the branch then melds with the other and a new shape is formed. The final method is pruning which is used alongside other methods as well. This technique balances out the design of the tree to encourage the growth in the correct directions.

Shaping a tree throughout its life can ensure a lasting tree that won’t begin to lean or fall as it gets older and therefore ensures the value of your property.

Whichever you choose, a tree specialist will provide you with the service you need. If you want to invest in your property by adding an artistic element, tree shaping is the service for you. For a standard health check on your trees, tree trimming is the way to go. Having your trees shaped when they are young can help ensure they grow strong and a regular trimming can ensure that the tree is maintained once it has a solid trunk. For both services, it’s best to consult and hire an expert to ensure best results.