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Tree LIghting: Tis the Season

Everyone loves to drive around and see the neighborhood lights in the holiday season. There is nothing like picking a highly decorated spot and walking around with a hot cocoa or hot cider in hand to keep you warm! Putting up lights can be a fun challenge. For those up for that challenge here are some tips for putting up outdoor tree lighting like a pro, while keeping tree care in Portland, OR in mind.

Holiday Tree Lighting Tipstree service Portland OR

The Planning Stage

  • Choose a sturdy, healthy tree. It should have strong roots and not be in any danger of falling over in the wind and heavy rains.
  • Make sure the tree has been properly trimmed, so there are no loose branches or limbs that may break away in the wind and take the lighting with it.
  • Make a plan for which branches you want to wrap, picking the strongest, major branches.
  • Measure the circumference of the tree trunk and the branches. Count the number of branches you plan to use.
  • Decide how far apart you want each string of lights to be.
  • Divide height by the string spacing. Take that total and multiply it by the total circumference. That will tell you how much length of lighting you will need.
    • 4-foot high trunk / 3 inch spaces = 16 x 2′ circumference = 32 feet of lighting
    • 3-foot long branch / 3 inch spaces = 12 x 6″ circumference = 6 feet of lighting per branch
    • Total lighting feet will be approximately 56 feet for the trunk and four branches

Tree Lighting: Getting Started

  • Begin by rolling your lights into a ball. This will make it easier to wind around without getting tangled.
  • Start at the base of the tree and begin wrapping in a uniform spacing. If you want to cross in the other direction on the way down, leave room for that.
  • From the trunk, move up the lowest major branch, wrapping your way up and then back down where you then move to the next closest major branch you have chosen to wrap.
  • Wrap your way back down the trunk when you are done, leaving the a plug at the end.

If you are in question about the health of a particular tree you want to wrap lights around, or if you need trimming done, give us a call. At Mr. Tree our professionals are happy to help.

As a reminder, in the winter it is important to keep an eye on your tress, especially those near a house, building, garage, or street. If any look like they may not make it through strong winds, call us for branch or tree removal. It is better to be safe than sorry!