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Why Are Tree Roots So Important?


The roots of a tree are the parts that don’t bear any nodes, nor do they ever leaf. They are the base of the tree. Just like a house, the stronger the base, the stronger the structure will be. Everyone knows that tree roots are important to a tree. But do you know why they’re […]

Is Topping Trees Good? Plus, 5 Other Tree Care Myths


Is topping trees good? Is it true tree topping can significantly reduce the potential of falling branches from trees that are in poor structural condition or that have grown too tall? Can it also improve the health of trees that are damaged or diseased? False! Topping trees is definitely not good. And here’s why: topping […]

5 Trees with Small Root Systems


As spring approaches, gardeners and aspiring green thumbs are preparing their seeds and their soil and putting together a watering schedule. With good planning and dedication, they may revel in the good results. Forethought and planning with growing veggies and flowers doesn’t actually differ that much from planting trees. Whether you have sprawling acres of […]

How To Get Rid of Tree Roots Under a House


There’s something amazing—and special—about a tree growing on your property. In fact, you might not even be able to imagine your home without it. Trees bring much-needed personality and charm to a home, not to mention shade, clean air, and a place for birds to visit and children to play. The roots of a tree, […]

Tips on How to Remove Tree Roots

Tree With Many Roots Growing Out of The Ground - How to Remove Tree Roots Blog

First-time homeowners might be surprised to know that taking care of the trees around their house doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, all it takes is paying attention to certain signifiers of your tree’s health. But what should a person look for if they want to know more about the health of […]

Did You Know Tree Roots Prevent Soil Erosion

Did You Know Tree Roots Prevent Soil Erosion

Beyond what meets the eye, trees have roots that extend from the canopy of a tree into the group. Some of the roots grow directly under the tree, but a vast majority of the roots extend laterally. Under healthy soil conditions, tree roots can grow more than twenty feet deep. The tree roots start as […]

Trees With the Most Invasive Roots

Trees With the Most Invasive Roots

When most of us garden and tend to the landscaping around our homes, we trust that the stores in our community have our best interests at heart. So it can be difficult to discover that you planted something that is taking over your yard. We’ve globalized most of the processes we live with every day. […]

Managing Aggressive Tree Roots

Managing Aggressive Tree Roots

If you have trees on your property, you have most likely been reaping the variety of benefits that they provide. They enhance the beauty of your home, keep the air clean and help keep you cool when it gets hot. They are, however, capable of doing a lot of damage to your home and the […]

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