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Is Fall When It’s Best to Prune Trees?


Keeping trees healthy year-round is the goal for most tree owners, but it doesn’t always happen on its own. Trees need a little bit of assistance to help them better fight disease and produce more fruit and flowers. For trees to truly flourish, they’ll need to have pruning services performed occasionally. People often wonder when […]

Prepare Your Trees for the Winter Season


As fall approaches and summer wanes, it’s time to start thinking about how to care for your trees with the shifting seasons. Even though it feels like summer is still in full swing, your trees are already starting to respond to the approach of winter. As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, your trees […]

How to Prevent Tree Rot in Your Trees


Unfortunately, nature sometimes takes its own course, and tree rot can occur. It’s not something any tree owner wants to happen, as it not only ruins the tree but can potentially spread to other plants in the yard as well. If you’ve noticed recently that your tree has begun to decay, or maybe it simply […]

5 Tips for Caring for Your Trees in Summer

Mulch is also pleasing to the eye, so it adds a landscaped look to your yard with the added benefit of protecting soil health for your trees in summer.

With summertime upon us, many of us will be enjoying outdoor activities while soaking up the bright summer sun’s rays. After a while in the sun, finding shade under a big leafy tree is the perfect escape from summertime heat. Trees in summer offer a cool breeze and some much-needed shade during those hot summer […]

Which Pine Trees Are Blue-Colored?


Pine trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some tower over our heads and grow to over 250 feet high. Others grow to relatively small sizes and are perfect ornamental trees for residential properties. And others are known to display a bluish tint to their needles that’s impressive to tree-lovers and passersby alike. If you’ve […]

Is Topping Trees Good? Plus, 5 Other Tree Care Myths


Is topping trees good? Is it true tree topping can significantly reduce the potential of falling branches from trees that are in poor structural condition or that have grown too tall? Can it also improve the health of trees that are damaged or diseased? False! Topping trees is definitely not good. And here’s why: topping […]

What Can I Do About Ice on My Tree?


Brrr … it’s cold out! If you’re feeling the cold weather, so are your trees. We can go inside when it’s rainy, snowing, or cold out, but our trees cannot. They stand outside, through the storms and, unfortunately, through the freezing as well. This can lead to ice forming on your trees, as leftover rain […]

What Can an Arborist Do for My Trees in Vancouver, Washington


If you have trees on your property, you’ll likely need assistance with them from time to time. Though trees are sometimes easier to maintain than smaller plants, they still need occasional maintenance to continue to thrive. And that maintenance can’t always be performed by the property owners. Local arborists in the Vancouver, Washington, area, like […]

How Do I Hire a Tree Pruning Company?


Tree pruning is an important aspect of maintaining healthy and beautiful trees. It may be tempting to do it on your own, but it’s best practice to call in a professional tree pruning service to prune your trees for you. A professional can ensure that no problems occur during the tree pruning process and that […]

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