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How to Prevent Tree Rot in Your Trees


Unfortunately, nature sometimes takes its own course, and tree rot can occur. It’s not something any tree owner wants to happen, as it not only ruins the tree but can potentially spread to other plants in the yard as well. If you’ve noticed recently that your tree has begun to decay, or maybe it simply […]

5 Tips for Using Wood Mulch


A healthy tree is a happy tree. And a healthy tree makes for a good-looking yard. However, not everybody knows how to take good care of a tree. That’s why we’re here to tell you to look no further than wood mulch. Those who have used mulch on their trees or shrubs undoubtedly know what […]

5 Tips to Make Sure Your Tree Isn’t Overwatered During Winter


An overwatered tree in winter? We get how that could seem confusing. But it happens! Think about it—snow and ice melt into water, and that water is absorbed by the roots of your tree. Your tree is getting watered more with every storm that happens, whether it is snow, ice, or rain. Overwatering your tree […]

Can You Use Fresh Wood Chips as Mulch?

Can You Use Fresh Wood Chips as Mulch

If you want your landscape to be adored by all and a welcome sight to see each day you arrive home, it requires work. While some prefer to outsource this service to a company such as Mr. Tree, others have green thumbs and want to get the tasks done themselves. There’s no right or wrong […]

Is Wood Chip Mulch an Effective Option?

Is Wood Chip Mulch an Effective Option

Have you ever noticed a layer of material on the surface of the soil around trees and wondered what it was there for? That layer is referred to as mulch and while it makes your landscaping aesthetically pleasing, it also plays an integral role in ensuring the healthy growth of plants and trees. Just like […]

How to Protect Your Trees from the Summer Heat

How to Protect Your Trees from the Summer Heat

Each year homeowners spend time, energy, and money to develop and maintain a lush landscape around their homes. For most, this involves caring for a variety of trees as they contribute to more than just curb appeal. Trees add quality to the environment and provide important benefits to your property such as shade, fruit, and […]

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