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What’s the Best Time to Plant Trees in Oregon?


If you’re from Oregon or have lived in the state for any period of time, you’ve likely heard residents say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it’ll change.” These variations in weather and temperature not only affect our lives but can also dictate the best time to plant trees in Oregon. […]

Should I Plant a Tree in Front of My House?

Should I Plant a Tree in Front of My House

When you drive past houses in your neighborhood, the ones that stick out usually have beautiful front yards. If you don’t feel this way about your own home, you may be looking at those yards and wondering what they have that you don’t. Some of the most beautiful front yards have amazing natural elements to […]

5 Easy-Maintenance Trees for Your Portland Yard

5 Easy-Maintenance Trees for Your Portland Yard

As a homeowner, you have likely dreamed of having a beautiful yard filled with trees. However, the upkeep of trees can be intimidating for anyone. Sometimes they require time and resources that we’re just unable to give them. This doesn’t always need to be the case, though. There are trees out there for your yard […]

Should I Ask for Tree Trimming or Tree Shaping?

Should I Ask for Tree Trimming or Tree Shaping

Having trees on your property is a long-term investment. On the one hand, they add value to the property, are aesthetically pleasing and create a healthy environment, but if not properly looked after, trees can become a hassle. Tree maintenance is the most important investment for your tree’s health. Making sure that your tree is […]

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