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Is Topping Trees Good? Plus, 5 Other Tree Care Myths


Is topping trees good? Is it true tree topping can significantly reduce the potential of falling branches from trees that are in poor structural condition or that have grown too tall? Can it also improve the health of trees that are damaged or diseased? False! Topping trees is definitely not good. And here’s why: topping […]

5 Common Oregon Tree Problems and Their Solutions


Caring for your trees is rewarding for any tree enthusiast. However, keeping them healthy can prove challenging. Like us, if not properly cared for, they become ill. Oregon trees are susceptible to a number of issues that can affect their health and impede growth. Not knowing the signs of an unhealthy tree can ultimately result […]

What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your House

First, it’s quiet. Then there’s a creaking. Finally, an almighty crash. It’s a sound that all too many homeowners hear: the sound of a tree smashing into their roof. If you live in a wooded area, there’s only so much you can do to mitigate the risk of it happening to you. Here at Mr. […]

How to Prevent Trees from Damaging the Sidewalk

How to Prevent Trees from Damaging the Sidewalk

Whether you’re in the city, suburbs or a more rural setting, you want to have trees in your neighborhood, right? They add beauty and help to purify the air. But chances are you’ve also tripped, stubbed a foot or jammed a cart or stroller into a sidewalk that has been lifted by tree roots. Not […]

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