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Yard Care Before and After Portland Stump Grinding Services

Stump Grinding

When a tree is no longer a positive asset to your yard, it may have to be taken down. Whether it’s due to disease or a weather-related accident, an unhealthy or breaking tree can be a danger to you and to your property. This typically requires a tree service company to remove it. After the […]

How To Preserve a Tree Stump You Want to Keep


If you find yourself with a dead, dying, or removed tree, but it still has a viable base, here’s how to preserve a tree stump. There are a couple of ways to go about this, depending on your end goal. If the stump is left in the front or backyard, it might attract pests who […]

What Can an Arborist Do for My Trees in Vancouver, Washington


If you have trees on your property, you’ll likely need assistance with them from time to time. Though trees are sometimes easier to maintain than smaller plants, they still need occasional maintenance to continue to thrive. And that maintenance can’t always be performed by the property owners. Local arborists in the Vancouver, Washington, area, like […]

Looking for an Arborist in Beaverton? We Can Help

Looking for an Arborist in Beaverton - We Can Help

The Merriam-Webster definition of an arborist is “a specialist in the care and maintenance of trees.” If you have trees on your property, this definition should be important to you, as you want an arborist to help you care for them. Arborists will ensure your trees are beautiful and healthy and never become safety hazards. […]

What To Do About Termites in a Dead Tree Stump

What To Do About Termites in a Dead Tree Stump

It’s not uncommon for trees to get chopped down. This isn’t often a somber event, but rather an inevitable one if the tree incurs disease or injury and can’t recover. It may have even become dangerous for homes or other nearby structures. Once a tree is felled, all that’s left is a stump, and that’s […]

Types of Services Available for Tree Care Vancouver WA

Types of Services Available for Tree Care Vancouver WA

If there is one thing that Washingtonians are known for, it’s their love of trees. After all, Washington is called the Evergreen State for a reason. There is a lot of effort that goes into properly caring for trees, though, and not everyone can put that time in. On top of that, not everyone knows […]

Stump Sprouting? Here’s What You Can Do

Stump Sprouting? Here’s What You Can Do

Sometimes tree stumps continue to sprout even after you’ve cut them down. Just because the tree is dead, the stump may still be alive and as a result you will continue to see sprouts until you take some kind of action to prevent this from happening. A tree stump sitting in your yard can become […]

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