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Tips for Planting Spruce Trees


When you are planting spruce trees, it’s important to ensure that you start the process in the right spot. You also want to be careful about avoiding soggy soil. Well-drained soils are the best conditions for growth when planting spruce trees, as the tree specialists at Mr. Tree would tell you. Beyond that, when going […]

Are Spruce Trees Fir Trees?


Evergreen trees are a beautiful option that many people choose to have in their yards. They’re extremely popular during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add value to your property year-round. Evergreen trees can grow tall, meaning that many people choose to plant them in order to have more privacy in their yards. […]

Short Pine Trees that Will Look Great in Your Yard

Short Pine Trees that Will Look Great in Your Yard - mugo pine

Your yard needs something a little extra to stand out. Something taller than the flowers or shrubs you already have. Something different. Maybe it needs a tree? But your yard isn’t quite large enough for a full-sized tree. In a couple of years, a regular-sized tree would dominate the space. A short tree would look […]

What Spruce Should I Plant: Blue Spruce vs. White Spruce

What Spruce Should I Plant - Blue Spruce vs. White Spruce_Blue

Considering the vast variety of tree species available, selecting the right kind of woody perennial trees for your landscape can be a confusing experience. In order to select evergreen trees that best suit your landscape and your tastes, you need to be familiar with the basic growing conditions that the trees need, such as sunlight, […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Spruce, Fir and Pine Trees

How to Tell the Difference Between Spruce, Fir and Pine Trees

If you’re thinking of adding an evergreen tree on your property, you might have a few questions in mind. You already know that evergreen trees will enrich the area around your home with their natural beauty throughout the year, but you might not be sure exactly what kind of tree to get. After all, there […]


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