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What Do Forest Fires Near Portland Oregon Mean for Your Yard?

What Do Forest Fires Near Portland Oregon Mean for Your Yard?

With the recent upticks in temperature, summers are getting hotter and dryer in the Pacific Northwest. This means more frequent forest fires are also causing greater damage. Fire is one natural process of clearing out the dead debris on a forest floor. Some species of trees and insects actually require fire to reproduce and propagate. […]

How to Prevent Forest Fires According to an Oregon arborist

How to Prevent Forest Fires, According to an Oregon Arborist

Forest fires are often avoidable, but not many people are abreast to all of the precautions you can take to ensure that you’re being safe and you remain safe. One thing’s for sure. Whether they’re accidental or preventable, fires happen every year in Oregon, and you need to know several things when it comes to […]

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