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Top 5 Most Encountered Pacific Northwest Tree Problems


Homeowners in the Portland area should know as much as possible about common diseases that can infect and destroy Pacific Northwest trees. A tree that’s infected by one of these diseases can be a gateway to pests and bugs and spread to other trees on your property. Here are some of the most common and […]

7 Common Portland Trees to Add to Your Yard This Summer


Did you know that trees are required in Portland? There are a number of tree density requirements set by the city of Portland, depending on the situation of your property. That’s why Mr. Tree Services is here to help you. If you do not have any trees in your yard just yet, or you need […]

7 Common Trees You’ll See When Hiking in Oregon


Whether you’re a Portland native or you just moved here a few years ago, it’s likely that what’s kept you here or drew you to the stunning Pacific Northwest is the expansive greenery and countless hikes to explore. Just stop by Powell’s bookstore, and you’ll find rows upon rows of books dedicated to local forestry […]

How to Care for a Crape Myrtle Tree


Fall is in full force, with winter following close behind, but that doesn’t mean you should set aside your projects until spring. If anything, start planning for the future and decide over the next few months on the plant varieties that will complement your yard space and aesthetic. One tried-and-true genus that we often recommend […]

Cherry Blossoms in Portland

When Will The Cherry Trees Bloom in Portland

The viewing of the fluffy bloom of pink and white cherry blossoms, those first colors of spring, has become an intrinsic part of being a Portlander. And the planning starts as early as December, sometimes even earlier. Amateur running, cycling and photography groups, social media officers, picnicking families, and many other Portlanders and visitors start […]

The Value of Low Hung Branches

The Value of Low Hung Branches

In most city trees, the lowest tree limbs have been removed, leaving all of the leaves and branches higher up. There are several reasons people do this; getting underneath the branches to mow the grass is easier when they’re higher up, for example. People also trim their branches in order to make their yard more […]

Trees Add Millions in Value to Big Cities

Trees Add Millions in Value to Big Cities (1)

Trees add considerable value to one’s property. Having trees provides you with shade and a nice breeze that can lead to decreased air conditioning consumption. Adding the right type of trees also considerably increases the value of your home, but did you know that they are very valuable to big cities as well? Let’s explore […]

Did You Know: Trees Are Required in Portland

Trees Are Required in Portland

Regardless of whether you’re new to the Portland area or you’ve lived here for a while, you may not be aware that trees aren’t a luxury in Portland. They’re a necessity. That’s because the city of Portland has tree-planting requirements when certain conditions are met. This may be surprising news to you, but our Mr. […]

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