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5 Pine-Scented Trees to Plant and Enjoy All Year

mr-tree-5-pine-scented-trees-to-plant-and-enjoy-all-year-balsam-noble-fraser-fir (2)

Do you love the scent of pine and want it to fill your yard all year? It is possible! Even though many associate the smell of pine with the holiday season, it doesn’t have to be confined to that time of year. There are pine-scented trees out there that you can plant in your yard […]

7 Ways to Use Evergreen Branches in Your Holiday Décor


When you think evergreen trees, does the holiday season come first to mind? It’s common to associate the two, as the smell and look of evergreen have become popular during the holidays. This is why using evergreen branches in your holiday décor is a great idea. It will make your home feel even more festive. […]

Which Trees Fall Under the Pinus Tree Genus?


Though classifying a tree as a “pine tree” is common, there is no one single type of pine tree. There are many varieties within the Pinus tree genus, and they all vary greatly. With over 120 different species of pine, each displays slight differences that make them truly unique. They vary in bark color, cone […]

Will Pine Tree Needles Damage My Lawn?


Pine trees can be an excellent addition and asset to your lawn. Of course, they can really add value to your landscape with their evergreen appearance, tall and effective fencing features, and even seasonal appeal, but they’re also relatively easy to grow and take care of. Whether you’re planning to start from scratch with a […]

Short Pine Trees that Will Look Great in Your Yard

Short Pine Trees that Will Look Great in Your Yard - mugo pine

Your yard needs something a little extra to stand out. Something taller than the flowers or shrubs you already have. Something different. Maybe it needs a tree? But your yard isn’t quite large enough for a full-sized tree. In a couple of years, a regular-sized tree would dominate the space. A short tree would look […]

5 Facts About Harvesting Pine Nuts

5 Facts About Harvesting Pine Nuts

When done right, pine nuts can be an excellent addition to your salad or homemade pesto sauce. They are eaten by many cultures around the world, but if you walk through your local grocery store, you’ll likely discover that they are also terribly expensive. But you can evade the high price of pine nuts by […]

Why Are My Pine Trees Dying from the Top Down?

Why Are My Pine Trees Dying from the Top Down

If a pine tree calls your property home, consider yourself lucky. This species of tree is truly magnificent, which is probably why Oregon crowned the Douglas fir, a species of pine, as its state tree. Capable of growing over 100 feet tall and living for hundreds of years, the pine tree could definitely be considered […]

What are the Different Kinds of Pine Trees?

What are the Different Kinds of Pine Trees

Have you ever dreamed of having your very own pine tree in your yard? Before you decide to start your search, did you know that there are many different kinds of pine trees out there? It can be an overwhelming decision knowing which one to pick, which is why we’re here to help. Here are […]

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