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Top 5 Most Encountered Pacific Northwest Tree Problems


Homeowners in the Portland area should know as much as possible about common diseases that can infect and destroy Pacific Northwest trees. A tree that’s infected by one of these diseases can be a gateway to pests and bugs and spread to other trees on your property. Here are some of the most common and […]

5 Pacific Northwest Landscaping Ideas to Give Your Yard a Fresh Look


If your yard has been looking dull lately, you may be considering ways to give it a fresh look, especially if you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of the Northwest. If you enjoy finding inspiration from your surroundings, rejuvenating your yard with some Northwest-inspired landscaping can be the perfect project to take on. So, how […]

What Kinds of Cedar Trees Grow in Oregon?


Cedar trees are among the Pacific Northwest’s most visible trees, and there are many different kinds you can find while on a hike in our misty forests. There may be a misnomer in the cedar trees in the Pacific Northwest. The only true cedar trees are native to the Mediterranean and Himalayan regions. All of […]

7 Pacific Northwest Facts About Landscaping


The Pacific Northwest is a wonderland of forests, mountains, and some really great landscaping opportunities. The rainy weather provides the perfect environment to grow lush vegetation and makes yards in this area stand out from the rest of the country. When it comes to landscaping in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a good idea to know […]

5 Native Pacific Northwest Trees for Your Yard

5 Native Pacific Northwest Trees for Your Yard - Pacific madrone

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. – Khalil Gibran With the ever-evolving forest environmental issue, which is affecting wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate, the United States’ forests are hanging on a thread. According to the 2005 Food and Agriculture Organization’s (FAO) Global Forest Resources Assessment, from 2000 to […]

Did You Know: 5 Unexpected Pacific Northwest Tree Facts

5 Unexpected Pacific Northwest Tree Facts

Forests are a defining feature for large areas of the Pacific Northwest. Coniferous temperate rainforests in the western Cascade and coastal mountain ranges are appreciated for aesthetic value and abundant natural resources. The Pacific Northwest is known for such spectacular trees as the Sequoia and some of the most abundant fruit trees in the country. […]

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