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Best Trees to Plant in Full Sun

Best Trees to Plant in Full Sun

Just like us humans, some plants fare significantly better when they are basking in the warmth of the sunlight on a regular basis. But, why do some plants require more sunlight and which plants are the best ones to add to the portion of your yard that gets full-day sun? Plants need sun to perform […]

Why Maple Trees Are Not Permitted in Portland

Why Maple Trees Are Not Permitted in Portland

Portland, Oregon is famous for the rich colors it takes on every autumn when the foliage turns beautiful shades of red, orange, and gold. Red alders, hemlock trees, douglas fir and a wide variety of other species all contribute to Oregon’s natural beauty. Other trees are not native, having been brought from places such as […]

How to Use Stump Grindings as Mulch

How to Use Stump Grindings as Mulch

Trees are beautiful, beneficial for the environment and increase property value, but sometimes it is necessary to chop them down. Other times, they fall down on their own. In both instances, an unsightly stump remains. But, you’re not stuck with a stump in your yard. Instead, you can create mulch from stump grindings. If you […]

The Wrong Way to Prune a Tree

Th Wrong Way to Prune a Tree

Like water and sunshine, tree pruning is an essential contributor to overall plant health. Especially in climates like Portland, Oregon, that experience variable weather, pruning keeps trees producing leaves, fruit and flowers effectively. Pruning trees helps maintain structural integrity by balancing the weight distribution of branches on each side, clearing dying or dead wood that […]

How to Increase the Life of Your Tree

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A properly cared for tree is a generational investment. Trees can live for many decades, and in some cases, even for hundreds of years. It’s amazing to think that one tree can bring shade to several generations in the same family. This, of course, is only possible when the tree is properly cared for throughout […]

The Best Way to Safely Trim Tall Trees

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Tall trees on your property are a beautiful source of shade, privacy and wind protection. Not only that, they improve the value of your home and serve as a kind of status symbol. Large, old trees on a property are a sure sign of prosperity. Having trees, however, also requires a good deal of maintenance […]

Is Your Tree Dying?

Dying Tree

  A tree is a beautiful addition to your property, and when properly cared for, it will last for many years. However, a dead or dying tree can pose a risk to people and property. It may not always be obvious whether a tree is dying or not, especially during the wintertime. If you notice […]

The Process of Removing Rotting Trees

The Process of Removing Rotting Trees

  As all too many homeowners have discovered the hard way, seemingly healthy trees can sometimes start losing limbs or even fall over completely. What at first glance appears to be a perfectly strong and sturdy tree can suddenly begin to pose a threat to people and property. How does this occur, and, more importantly, […]

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