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5 Tips for an Easier Fall: When Trees Shed Leaves


It may be difficult to imagine the shorter days and cooler temperatures of fall when we’re still sitting at the end of a hot summer. One of these days, though, we’ll wake up and see the yard covered in leaves. Surely there’s an easier way to handle those leaves from your shedding tree! You’re in […]

What Are the Techniques for Cutting Back Overgrown Trees?


Like any living thing, you want to be sure to take care of and tend to your trees. This can be easily done with proper tree cutting techniques. If you’re invested in learning about how to do this on your own, the correct tree cutting techniques can be found below. If, however, you’re not sure […]

What Is Brush Clearing?


Plenty of land in this country just sits, undeveloped and unusable. It would be perfectly good land for building, farming, or even just for planting a grove of trees or other plant life, except that it’s become completely covered in brush and other debris. If you have land that has become cluttered in this way, […]

How To Clear a Wooded Lot for a House


Taking a plot of untamed land and using it for a building project can be a truly massive undertaking, and that’s before any construction ever takes place. That’s because a plot of land that hasn’t seen any use by humans will have become a haven for plant life. Vacant lots can quickly become overgrown with […]

What Does the Land-Clearing Process Involve?


Every piece of land that you see was once inhabited by only nature. Sites for shopping malls, homes, and farms all usually have to go through a land-clearing process, including the removal of shrubs, trees, and uneven land to create what stands there today. The possibilities of what land can become are endless, especially when […]

How Is Land Clearing Done?


If you’ve recently purchased land that you want to build on, then the words “land clearing” will probably be familiar to you. Land clearing is the process of removing obstacles such as trees, stumps, brush, and other objects that are prohibiting you from being able to use the land. So if you’ve recently bought land […]

What’s Included in Lot Clearing Services in Oregon?

What’s Included in Lot Clearing Services in Oregon

You have a bit of land somewhere in the Oregon area, and you can do anything you want with it. Maybe you’ll build a home or start a business; the sky’s the limit. The only problem is, your lot is overgrown with shrubs, brush, and small trees. Before you can do anything with the land, […]

5 Reasons to Choose Mr. Tree as Your Land Clearing Contractor

5 Reasons to Choose Mr. Tree as Your Land Clearing Contractor

If you need to do some construction or renovation in an area that’s become overgrown with trees, tree stumps, brush, and other vegetation, you’ll need to clear the land first. This is easier said than done since even removing a single tree can be a massive undertaking. For many reasons, attempting to clear land is […]

Factors That Up the Cost of Land Clearing

Factors That Up the Cost of Land Clearing (1)

The cost of land clearing often varies, and that’s obviously due to the size of the project and the specifics as to what goes along with it. That means you could be talking a few hundred dollars or several thousand, depending on exactly what kind of work you’re looking to have done by an area […]

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