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7 Common Portland Trees to Add to Your Yard This Summer


Did you know that trees are required in Portland? There are a number of tree density requirements set by the city of Portland, depending on the situation of your property. That’s why Mr. Tree Services is here to help you. If you do not have any trees in your yard just yet, or you need […]

5 Fruit Trees with White Flowers to Plant in Your Yard


Planting trees in your yard is one of the best ways to add more beauty to your property. But if you want to take that beauty to the next level, try adding fruit trees with white flowers to your yard. The mix of white flowers and, later, fruit will catch the eye and add more […]

When Can I Expect to See Fruit Tree Blossoms in Spring?


A fruit tree is a great addition to any yard. They not only add beauty, but they’re practical as well, as you can eat the fruit directly off your tree. We all know there’s nothing like a freshly baked apple pie, right? Imagine having the apples mere steps away from your kitchen! Maintaining fruit trees […]

7 Pacific Northwest Facts About Landscaping


The Pacific Northwest is a wonderland of forests, mountains, and some really great landscaping opportunities. The rainy weather provides the perfect environment to grow lush vegetation and makes yards in this area stand out from the rest of the country. When it comes to landscaping in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a good idea to know […]

5 Trees that Attract Honeybees

5 Trees that Attract Honeybees

Honeybees are important pollinators for flowering plants, shrubs, and trees in your yard and garden, but these busy little insects do more than help beautify your landscape. Crops that supply about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition are pollinated by bees and other insects. One global study has shown that honeybees are the most important […]

Best Trees to Attract Birds that are Threatened or Endangered

Best Trees to Attract Birds that are Threatened or Endangered

A great advantage of having trees on your property, in addition to providing beauty and enhancing the value, is that they can attract all types of birds. And this will have benefits beyond birdwatching. With the right types of trees, you can help save threatened and endangered species in your own backyard. There are many […]

Tips to Care for Fruit-Bearing Trees

Tips to Care for Fruit-Bearing Trees

When maintained the right way, a fruit-bearing tree can be a beautiful attribute to your property. Not only do they provide the obvious benefit of nutritious and tasty fruit—whether it be oranges, apples, peaches or other tasty treats—they are also wonderful to look at and enjoy during the appropriate seasons. There are some tips you […]

History of Fruit: What is Pomology

History of The Fruit Tree What is Pomology

Thinking about growing a fruit tree on your property? We think it’s a great idea! Fruit trees are beautiful and will provide you with shade, clean air, a home for beneficial wildlife, not to mention a renewable source of fruit for years to come! Fruits, of course, are an amazing source of vitamins and nutrition […]

How Trees Contribute to Your Health

How Trees Contribute to Your Health

Trees are something we don’t think much about here in Oregon. They’re in abundance throughout our neighborhoods, our communities, even within our own property. Visit a geographical location where trees are scarce, and you’ll quickly see the difference. But did you know this difference doesn’t just impact the way the environment looks, it can also […]

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