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Top 5 Most Encountered Pacific Northwest Tree Problems


Homeowners in the Portland area should know as much as possible about common diseases that can infect and destroy Pacific Northwest trees. A tree that’s infected by one of these diseases can be a gateway to pests and bugs and spread to other trees on your property. Here are some of the most common and […]

7 Ways to Use Evergreen Branches in Your Holiday Décor


When you think evergreen trees, does the holiday season come first to mind? It’s common to associate the two, as the smell and look of evergreen have become popular during the holidays. This is why using evergreen branches in your holiday décor is a great idea. It will make your home feel even more festive. […]

5 Signs a Tree Is Dying


Keeping the trees on your property healthy and looking good is just one of the reasons people choose to go to professionals like Mr. Tree. With tree maintenance services such as pruning and trimming, your tree can withstand many obstacles that come its way. Still, trees can become infected with disease or infested with pests, […]

What Can Make a Tree Deadly?


The trees on your property can do a lot for your mental and physical well-being. Trees create shade and provide privacy. They also offer a pleasant place to relax outside and a fun focal point for children and pets. Trees attract birds, beneficial insects, and other wildlife to your property. They help to keep the […]

Is Your Evergreen Turning Brown? This is Why And How To Fix It

Is Your Evergreen Turning Brown_ This is Why And How To Fix It

The beauty of having an evergreen tree is that, while other trees are turning brown and shriveling up during the autumn and winter months, they remain vibrant all year round. Evergreen trees are noted for their beauty and because they remain green throughout the year, they have earned fame as a symbol of winter. But […]

Is Your Tree Dying?

Dying Tree

  A tree is a beautiful addition to your property, and when properly cared for, it will last for many years. However, a dead or dying tree can pose a risk to people and property. It may not always be obvious whether a tree is dying or not, especially during the wintertime. If you notice […]

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