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Prepare Your Trees for the Winter Season


As fall approaches and summer wanes, it’s time to start thinking about how to care for your trees with the shifting seasons. Even though it feels like summer is still in full swing, your trees are already starting to respond to the approach of winter. As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, your trees […]

Top 5 Most Encountered Pacific Northwest Tree Problems


Homeowners in the Portland area should know as much as possible about common diseases that can infect and destroy Pacific Northwest trees. A tree that’s infected by one of these diseases can be a gateway to pests and bugs and spread to other trees on your property. Here are some of the most common and […]

Why Do Trees Change Color in the Autumn?


Autumn is the time when the leaves on your trees turn beautiful colors—red, yellow, orange, purple, and so on—and you start gearing up to sweep them off your front porch and rake them out of your yard. The leafy fireworks display may be pretty, but it can be a big pain when they drop all […]

5 Common Questions on Fall Tree Care

5 Common Questions on Fall Tree Care

For many people, fall is their favorite time of year, especially because of their trees. With the change in colors and leaves falling, it helps you prepare for the cool crisp air that’s going to flow into the area in the coming months. Now, when it comes to fall tree care, there are a number […]

Tree Topping is Not Permitted & This is Why

Tree Topping is Not Permitted & This is Why

Tree topping is the process of randomly cutting tree branches down to stubs or to lateral branches that are not large enough to sustain the remaining limb. It might be a natural instinct when a tree gets too large for your yard, or the tree begins to interfere with other items in your landscaping. Yet […]

How to Protect Your Prune & Plum Trees

How to Protect Your Prune & Plum Trees

Humans have been cultivating plums for millennia, with different uses and preparations appearing in cultures from all over the world. From the simple dried prune to the pickled umeboshi of Japan, it is one of the most versatile and diverse tree species we have. And, with summer quickly approaching, it is important to know how […]

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