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What Do Certified Arborists Study?


Caring for your trees isn’t difficult with our team of certified arborists at Mr. Tree. An arborist has specialized knowledge about trees and woody plants, and with it, they protect trees from infections and damage and also protect humans by ensuring a tree doesn’t interfere with public works. For instance, trees that grow tall enough […]

Prepare Your Trees for the Winter Season


As fall approaches and summer wanes, it’s time to start thinking about how to care for your trees with the shifting seasons. Even though it feels like summer is still in full swing, your trees are already starting to respond to the approach of winter. As the nights get longer and temperatures drop, your trees […]

Why Do Trees Change Color in the Autumn?


Autumn is the time when the leaves on your trees turn beautiful colors—red, yellow, orange, purple, and so on—and you start gearing up to sweep them off your front porch and rake them out of your yard. The leafy fireworks display may be pretty, but it can be a big pain when they drop all […]

What Are the Techniques for Cutting Back Overgrown Trees?


Like any living thing, you want to be sure to take care of and tend to your trees. This can be easily done with proper tree cutting techniques. If you’re invested in learning about how to do this on your own, the correct tree cutting techniques can be found below. If, however, you’re not sure […]

What Diseases Affect Tree Bark


If you notice something odd about your trees, the culprit may be a bark disease. The signs of this type of disease will usually be sparse foliage, dead branches, and unsightly marks, patches, or sores. Just because your tree has a bark disease, however, doesn’t mean that the tree is beyond saving. But before you […]

5 Top Tree Service Jobs in Oregon

5 Top Tree Service Jobs in Oregon

Oregon has a lot of trees. You didn’t need us to tell you that. Nearly everywhere you visit within this beautiful state, you’ll be confronted by trees of all different shapes, sizes, and species. And did we mention the colors? Perhaps the most striking feature of Oregon’s trees are the colors. During the spring and […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Portland Arborist Before Fall

6 Questions to Ask Your Portland Arborist Before Fall

As wonderful as summertime is, it doesn’t last forever. Seasonal transitions bring changes in climate, and your various plants and trees will certainly be affected by the shorter days and cooler temperatures. It’s important for those with gardens and outdoor spaces to start thinking about autumn and to be prepared for whatever comes next. A […]

5 Times You Should Definitely Call an Arborist

5 Times You Should Definitely Call an Arborist

It’s hard to tell when your trees need some extra help, but below are five times you should call your Portland arborist to give you a hand and ensure that your trees grow to their fullest potential. 1.   When You Decide You Want A Tree        Whether it’s for your home or […]

When to Contact Your Local Tree Service

When to Contact Your Local Tree Service

Picture this scenario. You purchase a new home and in an effort to beautify your front lawn, you plant a small tree or two in the yard. It’s just a seedling at first, but over the years, you watch it grow and grow until it’s bigger than you ever could have imagined it would be. […]

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