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Can I Plant a Garden Under My Tree?


Do you already have beautiful trees in your yard but still want more? That’s something you can make happen. Whether you want more colors, more shapes, or more types of nature in your yard, you can do that by planting a garden under your tree. Additionally, as trees grow larger, the space underneath them becomes […]

Is Lichen on Trees Unhealthy?


What Is That Growing on My Tree? When you first catch a glimpse of the development on your tree trunk or branches, you may find yourself wondering about the type of plant that’s growing. The next question may be to ask if lichen on trees is good or bad. Is it something you need to […]

Which Trees Fall Under the Pinus Tree Genus?


Though classifying a tree as a “pine tree” is common, there is no one single type of pine tree. There are many varieties within the Pinus tree genus, and they all vary greatly. With over 120 different species of pine, each displays slight differences that make them truly unique. They vary in bark color, cone […]

5 Best Oak Trees for Your Yard


Oak trees are some of the most beloved trees in the world. Known for size and longevity—with symbolic references for wisdom, honor, and strength—the oak tree is a beautiful addition to any landscape. With approximately 600 different varieties of the species, it can seem like a large undertaking to choose the best oak trees for […]

How to Find the Best Tree Stump Removal Near You


Maybe you have tree stumps that need to be removed and have decided to hire a company to handle this task for you. Don’t just choose the first tree stump removal company you come across, however. Instead, do a little research and hire the best tree stump removal company on your list. You want a […]

Learn How To Trim Trees Yourself


A tree on your property is a lot more than a simple luxury: it provides shade, privacy, a home for beneficial wildlife, and a place for children to play. In fact, studies have even been done to demonstrate the benefits of trees to mental and physical health. Lowered blood pressure, reduced stress, and improved sleeping […]

What Will General Tree Service in Portland OR Include?


If you have trees in your front or backyard, it’s good for you to know what general tree service is and what it entails. Why? Because taking care of your trees is vital for their health. If you want a beautiful, majestic, long-lasting tree, you need one that’s healthy, and the best way to ensure […]

Safe Methods of Tree Trunk Removal


After a tree is cut down, what is left of the trunk is going to die, and then the process of decaying will begin. However, you may not want to wait for that process to conclude before eliminating the trunk. In fact, you may want to eliminate that trunk as soon as possible, but you […]

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