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7 Facts About Hazelnut Trees in Oregon


Oregonians have a lot of reasons to be proud of their hazelnut trees. The hazelnut is the state nut of Oregon, which produces 99 percent of all hazelnuts in the United States. Although many varieties of hazelnut, including trees and shrubs, are common around the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, the majority of commercial hazelnut […]

How to Prevent Tree Rot in Your Trees


Unfortunately, nature sometimes takes its own course, and tree rot can occur. It’s not something any tree owner wants to happen, as it not only ruins the tree but can potentially spread to other plants in the yard as well. If you’ve noticed recently that your tree has begun to decay, or maybe it simply […]

5 Tips for Caring for Your Trees in Summer

Mulch is also pleasing to the eye, so it adds a landscaped look to your yard with the added benefit of protecting soil health for your trees in summer.

With summertime upon us, many of us will be enjoying outdoor activities while soaking up the bright summer sun’s rays. After a while in the sun, finding shade under a big leafy tree is the perfect escape from summertime heat. Trees in summer offer a cool breeze and some much-needed shade during those hot summer […]

Which Pine Trees Are Blue-Colored?


Pine trees come in all shapes and sizes. Some tower over our heads and grow to over 250 feet high. Others grow to relatively small sizes and are perfect ornamental trees for residential properties. And others are known to display a bluish tint to their needles that’s impressive to tree-lovers and passersby alike. If you’ve […]

What Do Logging Companies in Oregon Need to Know?


Oregon is a state famous for its natural beauty, in no small part due to the thousands of native trees that speckle the landscape in every direction. People move to Oregon specifically to be near the trees, and many of them end up planting huge trees—both native and nonnative—on their property. Because trees are such […]

Is Lucky Bamboo an Invasive Species?


Plants not only provide clean air, food, shelter, and beauty, but some may even bring you energy or luck. Bamboo is one such plant that is often associated with feng shui and luck. Feng shui is the art of harmonizing energy forces to positively impact people and options in the surrounding environment. Lucky bamboo, in […]

What Services Are Offered by Professional Commercial Tree Care?


You know that here at Mr. Tree, we’re always available to you for your residential tree services, such as pruning, maintenance, consultations with arborists, and removal. We can even help with emergency services, such as a dead tree that might get blown over or if a tree takes down a power line. We have industrial […]

How to Attract Honey Bees to Your Yard


Having beautiful trees in your yard is one thing, but having trees that attract local wildlife to your yard is the next level. At Mr. Tree, we understand this. We have already shared with you which trees you should plant to attract local wildlife and, more specifically, which trees you should plant to attract birds […]

7 Common Portland Trees to Add to Your Yard This Summer


Did you know that trees are required in Portland? There are a number of tree density requirements set by the city of Portland, depending on the situation of your property. That’s why Mr. Tree Services is here to help you. If you do not have any trees in your yard just yet, or you need […]

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