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Looking for a Mother’s Day Activity? Plant a Tree Together

Mother’s Day is around the corner and while bouquets, jewelry and home décor items are thoughtful gifts to give, we suggest doing something different and more memorable this year.

Instead of the usual gifts, make memories on this special day by engaging in a fun activity. This Mother’s Day, how about planting a tree together with your mother? Not only does it make for a fun engagement activity, but also comes with environmental benefits.

Looking for a Mother's Day Activity

Moreover, with Oregon being one of the world’s most suitable areas for growing trees, planting trees that thrive well in the soil and climate conditions, such as the Oregon state tree and ponderosa pine, is a great idea.

Here are 5 factors to consider before you plant your tree.

Type of Tree

Do you wish to plant a woody tree or a flowering tree? How much space do you have? What is the weather like in your area? These are a few questions you need to address to be able to choose the tree species that will be perfect for your space. So, make sure you give this thought out and make an informed decision.

It’s always safe to choose trees that are native to Oregon because they thrive better in the local soil and climate. For instance, Douglas fir – the Oregon state tree – is commonly planted in home gardens and is native to 35 of the state’s 36 countries. You can also refer to this tree guide to learn more about the kind of trees that grow well in Oregon.

Environmental Conditions

Environmental factors such as soil condition, temperature, moisture, light, and pests are probably the most crucial factors to be taken into consideration while planting a tree. Trees need effective nourishment and a large part of it comes from its environment.

Different tree species thrive in different kind of conditions. While some trees need moist soil, the others grow well in dry soils. Hence, while deciding on the type of tree, make sure you take the environmental conditions into consideration because at the end of the day, you want your tree to grow healthy and strong.


Planting trees in the wrong place is detrimental to their growth and can cause damage to your property – physically and aesthetically. Consider their growth pattern and space before deciding on the location.

Trees that grow to heights of 70 feet or more should be planted at least 20 feet from your home. Medium-sized trees that grow up to 70 feet tall, should be planted at least 15 feet from your home and small trees that do not grow larger than 30 feet should be planted at least eight to ten feet from your home.

Consider factors such as rate of maturity, canopy growth, and the tree shape while deciding the location. The last thing you want is your tree’s growth causing safety hazard or damage to your space.

Underground and Overhead Lines

Remember to maintain a safe distance from underground and overhead lines to avoid any conflicts. A tree’s roots are about as wide as the canopy is so make sure you steer clear of the utility lines, even those that don’t meet the eye. For instance, the Oregon state tree needs plenty of room to grow upward, which makes it important to ensure that there are no overhead lines in its way.

As a starting point, call 811 and consult the Utility Notification Centers to understand the exact placement of the gas, power, and other utility lines to avoid any accidents in future. After all, it is better to be safe than to be sorry!


Yes, you want to plant a tree, but are you ready to maintain it? Proper tree care is a long-standing commitment and affects the health, strength, shape, and lifespan of the tree. Preemptive care increases their longevity and saves you from future cost implications that can occur due to negligence.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are the basics one must follow. Due to the changing weather, regular pruning ensures healthy growth of the tree. Removal of the dead and diseased wood promotes growth, making your trees look vibrant! Trimming, on the other hand, refers to the removal of unwanted shrubs and hedges to better the aesthetics of the tree.

Struggling to do it yourself? Mr. Tree is just a call away! Our team of experts can help you with a wide range of tree services in Oregon, from tree shaping and pruning to even tree removal if the need arises.

So, go ahead, do something meaningful and different this Mother’s Day. Make the day truly special for the most amazing woman in your life – your mother – by planting a tree in her honor. It is sure to bring a smile to her face!