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Logging Is More Than Cutting Down Trees

When you think of logging, what do you think of? For many, the simple act of cutting down trees comes to mind. However, there is so much more to logging than that. Yes, logging is the act of cutting down trees, but it doesn’t just end there. The trees that have been cut down are then sold as either pulp or timber. When sold as timber, it’s typically used to build furniture, homes, paper, construction, or other products.

Professional tree service companies are able to clear areas of trees or individual trees themselves. There are two common categories of logging—selective and clear-cutting. In selective logging, the name says it all; loggers choose only highly valued wood. An example of this kind of wood is mahogany. In clear-cutting logging, such selection is not taken. Loggers here want all different kinds of wood. This means that all trees, rather than just a particular type, are cut down. This does tend to clear the forest, which is how this type of logging received its name.

In addition to these two general categorizations, there are quite a few different logging services that a tree service company can get done.

Forest Thinning

Forests can be dense. This may look beautiful, but if you’re trying to get a job done, it makes the work much harder. This is where forest thinning is beneficial, as it will make the job much easier for the workers. It also will help ensure that the proper machinery needed for the job can get to the area and easily maneuver around it.

In addition to work zones, forest thinning helps to prevent natural disasters such as forest fires. In dense areas, fire can catch much more easily and spread. Thinning the forest makes this harder, resulting in a safer area for everyone nearby.

Controlled Burning

“Controlled burning” can be a difficult term to understand, especially after learning that part of the importance of forest thinning is to help prevent forest fires from occurring. How can logging prevent fires but also cause fires? This is because controlled burning actually helps to reduce the risk of forest fires from becoming serious or even beginning.

With controlled burning, fire is set intentionally. This works, as it gets rid of dried-out debris and brush, and any other dead or damaged tree parts. As a result, all that’s left is healthy, green vegetation. Healthy trees are much less likely to catch on fire than trees that are unhealthy or dead. This means there’s less of a chance of a forest fire or, at the very least, less of a change of a serious, quick-spreading fire.


Rather than cutting down trees, reforestation is the opposite. It’s the process of replanting trees in an area where the trees have been cut down, depleted, or deforested. This is an act of repairing, not destroying. While cutting down trees can contribute to this damage, forests receive many other types of damage from natural causes too, such as fires or severe storms. Reforestation allows a tree company to help replace what was lost. Additional trees are planted, which can add a lot of different vegetation options that may not have been there before.

Since these trees are newly planted, the healthiness of the trees is ensured, which will benefit the overall surrounding environment and reduce the risk of a forest fire from spreading.


The logging process is not fully over until all of the cut material has been hauled away. This ensures that the land just worked on is left clean and in good shape. It also makes sure any hazards have been cleared, such as debris that might easily catch fire or remnants that have the potential to harm people or animals passing through that area. When choosing a tree service company to handle your logging needs, it’s important to make sure they handle all aspects of logging and forest maintenance, which includes hauling.

Opt for Professional Logging Services

As you can see, there is so much more to logging than just cutting down trees. It’s an important part of forest maintenance, which not only keeps forests healthy and looking beautiful but also helps ensure the safety of the area and all those surrounding it. This is also why it’s important to hire a professional arborist for your logging needs and not to attempt it yourself.

At Mr. Tree, we have over 30 years of experience in logging and 15 years of experience specifically in the Portland area. This includes both commercial and industrial logging services. We guarantee safety in our work, and our skilled arborists are properly training in forest thinning, clear-cutting, controlled burning, and reforestation. Additionally, they know how to use our top-of-the-line machinery.

When it comes to logging, it’s critical you have experience and know-how to use it appropriately, for the safety and the health of the forest. This results in cutting and collecting trees in a responsible way. It also results in maintaining the health of surrounding trees, structures, property, or so on. Damage to the land surrounding the trees being cut can lead to many unwanted problems. This is why our arborists make sure that only the trees that are supposed to be cut down get cut down and removed in a professional manner.

If you’re looking for logging services in Portland, look no further than Mr. Tree. We have a trained staff that will listen to your needs and make sure the job is done just the way you want it, within a time and a budget that you are sure to like. Give us a call today to tell us more about your logging needs. We’re happy to provide you with guidance and answer any questions you may have.