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Keep Your Home Safe by Preparing Trees for Winter

The rainy season has started, and every Beaverton, OR resident knows that a home will suffer if you do not prepare it for all of the excess moisture. If you have not started preparing your yard for winter, you’ll need to get started as soon as possible to avoid damage to your house and yard. An important part of winterization is preparing trees for winter. You may need to find services for tree removal in Beaverton, OR.  Here are a few things to look for when preparing your trees for winter.

BranchesTree removal Beaverton OR

Carefully look at the branches of the trees in your yard that could reach your house if they fell. If any of the branches are at a low angle from the tree or extend far from the tree, they are a risk to your home. The weight of excessive moisture, overnight ice formation, and possible snow can cause these branches to break from the trunk. The branches should be removed as soon as possible.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees attract pests and disease if the areas around them are not cleared of leaves and debris. Pests like to hide in debris around the trunks and chew on fruit tree bark. Check for signs of disease on the branches of fruit trees. If any shows, the branch must be cut off immediately. If you see signs the disease has traveled further than the branch, the tree may need to be removed.

Proximity to the Rooftop

Branches that touch your rooftop need to be trimmed. Excess moisture and ice can get trapped in these areas and damage the roof. It’s also a good time to make decisions about trees that touch your home or are too close to the roof. They are a risk to your house during times of winter storms and wet, unstable soil.

Losing the beautiful trees in your yard is sad, but the task is easy with help from a service that provides tree removal and stump grinding in Beaverton, OR. Preparing for winter in Beaverton by inspecting your trees reduces the chance of damage to your house and yard, keeping you safe. If you need more tips on preparing trees for winter, give your residential tree service a call today.

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