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Improve Your Property: Tree Pruning and Stump Removal

Your yard is the first thing people see when they drive by or come to visit your home. Trees bring a lot of natural beauty and shade to your property. While trees tend to naturally grow beautiful, pruning your trees and removing the stumps of old, dead trees is a great way to take the health of your property into your own hands. Tree pruning in Portland OR beautifies your trees while stump removal keeps disease and other troubles out of your yard. 

Pruning Beautifies Your TreesTree pruning Portland OR

You might think of tree pruning only as a way to take care of pesky, overhanging branches. Pruning does so much more. It actually helps your trees, especially if you prune at the right time. Pruning your trees in the winter is a great time to help with new growth in the spring. Pruning your trees after they flower is a great way to maximize the beauty of the blossoms. You should avoid pruning in the fall as the tree wounds tend to heal slower and decay fungi spread spores more easily. Prune to enhance the beauty of your trees and your yard.

 Remove Stumps Before They Breed Trouble

Old stumps might seem harmless, but they can cause all sorts of trouble. Physically, they are a hazard to people in your yard, particularly children who may run without looking where they are stepping. The roots can also cause problems by spreading disease to other parts of your yard or disrupt sidewalks and foundations. Pests like termites, bees, hornets, and wasps also tend to make their homes in old stumps. Stump grinding in Portland OR is a quick and easy way to remove dead tree stumps and have peace of mind for your yard.

Take Back Your Yard

It’s never too late to start pruning or to get rid of that old stump. If you need assistance or advice on taking back your yard through pruning and stump grinding, contact your local tree service and tree removal company.