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Hiring a Company for Tree Removal

Having beautiful trees around your home or business can be a true asset to the property. But if a tree begins to show unhealthy or dangerous signs, it may be a signal that it needs to be removed. When the health of your tree is faltering, it’s safest to act quickly and get a professional’s opinion on how to move forward. Issues like infestation, leaning too far, or falling branches can turn a concerning problem into a dangerous one very quickly. And not knowing how to fix those problems only adds to the stress.

Getting tree removal done in Vancouver, WA, doesn’t have to be a stressful task. You don’t have to be an expert to know when a tree needs to go, but it’s important to have a professional remove it for you. Hiring an experienced and qualified tree removal service is important. And there are some things you should know going into it.

As you begin the process, keep the following tips in mind. Just a bit of information on the subject can help you to make a wise decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Ask Questions

Not everyone is familiar with the way tree removal services work, and that’s completely normal. Unless you’re a professional, it makes sense to not be knowledgeable in things like pruning or tree health. For those reasons, it’s a smart idea to ask questions once you’re considering hiring a tree removal company. But how do you even know what questions to ask? Aside from situation-specific questions you may have, there are a few things you should be asking when trying to choose a tree removal service.

One question you should ask is if the company has proper insurance and what exactly it covers. This is a crucial question. You could hire the absolute best tree removal company in the world, and that still doesn’t exclude it from being susceptible to worker injuries. It also doesn’t mean that the staff won’t accidentally damage your home in the process.

Accidents can happen to anyone, and the company you choose to hire should have insurance that covers those possibilities. The insurance should cover both your house and the workers from any injuries that may happen on your property. Making sure the company has the correct insurance means that you won’t be liable if something goes wrong.

Hiring a Company for Tree Removal Vancouver WA

Another good question to ask is what kind of credentials the company has. Is the staff is going above and beyond by winning awards? Are they certified in things that aren’t a requirement? You want to know about it. You also want to make sure that the company is up-to-date on any local requirements. Make sure it’s licensed to be doing the work it intends to do and that the license is up-to-date. See if any employees are certified in arboriculture or certified by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). Having these types of credentials shows that the company takes the extra steps to have a knowledgeable and qualified staff.

Lastly, it’s a good thing to ask upfront about costs. Ask a few companies so that you can get familiar with what the median cost is for the service you need. Then factor in the answers to the two previous questions. If the cost of one company is smaller but it lacks proper insurance or certified employees, consider choosing an option that’s slightly more expensive but has the right credentials. Get an estimate with the company you decide on and then get it in writing. A contract ensures that the services you want are the ones the company is going to perform. It also ensures that the price you agreed on is the price you’ll pay. A professional company shouldn’t have an issue with providing you with this kind of paperwork.

Get a Second Opinion

It doesn’t hurt to ask around when trying to find a tree removal company. It can actually be a tremendous help to get referrals from people you trust and who have put their trust in a business. Go online to see how a company is rated by its community and people who have utilized its services before. Ask your neighbors who they hire for similar services. Call up friends in the area who you know would only deal with reliable people. With tree removal in Vancouver, WA, word travels fast. If many people are saying positive things about a company, especially when it comes to something as serious as tree removal, it may be a sign that it’s worth looking into.

If you’re new to the area and don’t have anyone to ask directly, you can always ask the company to provide you with references. When a business does its job well, people will vouch for it. At Mr. Tree, we pride ourselves on our positive customer responses. And when businesses can confidently give you access to people they’ve provided services for in the past, it’s a sign they have lasting relationships with their customers. Those people are probably repeat customers for a reason, and hearing it from them first-hand can be reassuring.

Speak Up

When you hire a tree removal service, it’s more than just getting a tree removed. You’re probably also trying to keep the trees, buildings, gardens, and people around it safe. That means the tools and equipment used should be capable of doing that and keeping everything else as-is. Being specific about what you need done will let the company know if it has the appropriate tools needed to perform the service you need. And if you’re worried about the company over-pruning or using equipment that seems like it would harm the trees or the land around it, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Since the end-goal is to have a safer and better property once the service is completed, the wellness of your property should be of utmost importance to the people who will be working on it. If there are features of your property that you’d like them to be mindful of, like a plant close to the tree that you love or water sprinklers in the yard, let them know to look out for them. They’ll appreciate the heads up, and you’ll appreciate the finished product.