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5 Reasons to Hire a Tree Cutting Company

Having healthy and vibrant trees in your yard is a gift, not only to you with shade and improved air quality, but they can also contribute to the aesthetic of your entire neighborhood. Looking after your trees to maximize their benefits throughout the year is not necessarily difficult, but it can mean extra work to ensure proper care occurs as the seasons change. Because of this, there are many reasons you may decide to hire a tree cutting company. Here are five reasons hiring a team of trained arborists to help you with your tree care could be a good idea.

1. They Are Trained Experts

With over three decades of experience handling commercial and residential tree care at Mr. Tree, we have handled a wide variety of tree situations. From routine maintenance to caring for new trees to the repair or removal of damaged trees, our expert staff is trained and certified. This means that you can trust us to perform tree care safely.

Professionals understand the strategy and science of where and how to cut down a tree, so when a tree is in a precarious place, such as next to your house, they know how to safely remove it and prevent any damage to your property.

You could rent or buy equipment to maintain your own trees, but this can get expensive. And after the purchase, the equipment itself needs maintenance and a place to be stored. You would also need to learn how to safely and effectively operate it. Trained experts have all of the equipment needed and can show up to your property ready to safely use all of it to tend the trees that require attention.

2. They Can Efficiently Perform Maintenance Tasks for Your Trees

Regular maintenance is essential. Inspecting your trees in the spring can actually help prevent damage in the following summer months. Checking for storm damage, dead or fallen branches, or irregularities in growth or bark texture can all help to ensure trees are strong and healthy.

Tree professionals know what to look for on each tree, and they can even teach you how to identify and prevent the growth of fungi, mildew, insects, or disease, any of which could threaten the health of your trees.

A professional can also cut your trees to shape them to ensure your landscaping stays beautiful year-round through each change in weather.

3. They Can Trim and Prune Your Trees to Promote Healthy Growth

Taking advantage of the trimming and pruning services of a tree cutting company means you’re more likely to have healthy trees with long lives. They’re able to help ensure adequate nourishment of your trees. Ineffectively pruning trees limits healthy leaf growth, which minimizes a tree’s ability to take in sunlight and could expose the insides of the tree to infection and sun damage. Cutting a tree does increase its vulnerability, but an expert can minimize the risks.

Hiring a tree specialist can give you peace of mind that branches are removed in the safest and most effective way to allow the tree to heal and be protected. At Mr. Tree, we know how to trim each tree to ensure protection from disease, pests, and extreme weather.

A practice known as “topping” happens when a tree is trimmed too harshly. Topping can prevent future growth, actually negatively impacting the life span of the tree. A tree care company is knowledgeable about trimming to allow for maximum foliage growth without damaging the health of the tree. Certified arborists promote healthy growth for each tree to ensure as long a life as possible.

4. They Can Help You Use or Dispose of Yard and Garden Waste

Hiring a tree cutting company means they can advise you on how to handle tree waste. They may even dispose of it for you. With heavy leaf droppage in the fall, professionals can either remove your yard waste or they can even turn it into mulch for use around your trees or garden. While you could purchase mulch from a local garden or landscaping center, you can also have your leaves or tree stumps ground up by a professional. Then you can keep the broken-down tree bits to use as mulch.

Mulch can protect tree bark, maintain moisture, and help roots to grow deep. In warmer and drier months, mulch keeps the soil around the roots cooler while also locking in moisture. In colder and wetter months, it promotes the growth and life of healthy organisms around tree roots and insulates them from the cold. Mulch also guards against erosion from heavy rainfall and against frost by maintaining a steadier temperature.

5. They Can Help You Care for Young Trees

A professional can help you decide where to plant new trees or saplings and provide advice on what to do to protect them in each season. They can assist you in keeping weed growth to a minimum too. This is essential because saplings are still in vulnerable competition with surrounding growth.

If your trees have been planted within the last three years, you will want to be sure to keep them watered in order to encourage deep root growth. Adequate watering will improve stability and allow the roots to stay deep beneath the surface. This stability can be beneficial, increasing strength when storms bring wind, in dry spells when it’s hot, or when erosion threatens from increased rainfall in wetter months.

The partnership you have with a professional arborist means that together you’re creating a legacy of beauty, a thriving habitat for wildlife, and clean air for the environment for generations to come. Open year-round, the experts at Mr. Tree can help you with all of your tree care needs. Contact us to speak with a representative about how we can help.