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Do I Need a Tree Service Company to Cut the Tall Trees in My Yard?

Having a yard filled with trees is a joy to come home to. They form a critical part of your property by not only contributing to its aesthetics and making for a beautiful sight but also offering several environmental benefits such as increased biodiversity, purifying the air, and preventing soil erosion.

Having a large number of trees also gives you much-needed privacy and enhances your property’s value, thereby proving to be great investments.

Yes, trees are valuable assets, but they also come with responsibility. Whether it’s pruning, shaping, and trimming them from time to time, mulching to enrich the soil, or getting rid of weeds – you need to invest time and effort in ensuring your trees grow healthily so they look their best.

Arborist Working on Tall Tree - Cut the Tall Trees BlogThere will also be times when you might have to remove a tree entirely for the betterment of your property. It is a tough call to make and every homeowner understands the pain of departing with a tree, but what happens when you are left with no choice but to cut the tall trees in your yard?

Look out for these four warning signs that call for immediate tree removal:

1. Diseased Trees

Trees, like human beings, are susceptible to diseases. While the first step is to get rid of the diseased part of the tree, there are times when the damage goes beyond repair and requires you to get rid of the tree completely.

Dead or dying trees most often exhibit dead branches, cracks, seams, or signs of decay and rot. There are also instances when they suffer internally and the extent of the damage can only be identified by a professional arborist. Whatever the case, if a tree is dead or becomes irreversibly diseased, get rid of it as soon as possible so as not to infect others in the vicinity and reduce the potential damage it could cause.

2. Leaning to One Side

If you notice your tree leaning dangerously to one side, it is a cause for concern. The fact that it starts leaning toward one side more than normal suggests a weak or damaged root system. If pruning does not help, it is often best to get a professional tree service company to cut the tree down, but don’t forget to consult with an expert first.

3. Growing Near Power Lines

Tall trees growing too close to power lines can prove to be a hazard. You don’t want the branches of the tree breaking onto a power line. This can lead to serious damage and potentially widespread outages. This is particularly true in winter when the weight of ice and snow cause stress on long or weakened branches.

4. Overgrowing

While you added a tree you might now have realized that it was going to outgrow its space. While trimming may be the solution, if it’s causing the sidewalk to lift, the branches and growing dangerously close to your roof, or it’s growth in uncontrollable, the best solution may be removal.

However, don’t rush to do it yourself because it is no easy task to cut the tall trees. Leave this herculean job to the professionals as they come equipped with perfected skills and equipment to remove your backyard trees with safety and precision.

Here are five reasons you should hire a tree service company to cut the tall trees in your yard:

1. Safer Option

Safety is the biggest and most important reason to hire a professional tree removal service. You may be wondering how difficult it would really be to remove the tall trees and we can tell you with certainty that an accidental wrong move to easily lead to severe injury and property damage. So, let the experts carefully inspect the situation and adopt the best approach to cut the tall trees in your backyard.

2. Well Equipped

As experts in this field, they have the best tools, equipment, and training to remove trees. Moreover, depending on the situation, they might even have a different approach to the problem. Hence, it is best not to take matters in your hands and just trust the professional tree service company to manage the situation on your behalf.

3. Faster Process

It goes without saying that as you aren’t trained to remove trees, you will obviously take more time to get the job done and not necessarily in the best possible manner. Given the expert equipment the professional companies have access to, this dangerous task can be done with much greater speed.

4. Increased Precision

What a pity it would be if you were to cut the tall trees on your own and do a shoddy job. The best part about experts is that they promise to take care of the situation from end to end with no damage caused to the adjoining areas while protecting your yard and the other trees in the vicinity.

And, if you want to plant a new tree in its place, the tree service company can also get the stump removed.

5. Insurance Costs

In case there is damage caused during the removal process, having an expert onboard will at least take care of the insurance costs.

So, don’t forget to do your research before settling on a particular company. Do insist on seeing the company’s insurance papers and inquire about their approach, cost, and the duration of the process at hand – you should not be in for a shock when the work starts.

Cleanup charges are also usually included, so ensure you get a confirmation on that too.

Looking to hire a tree service company to cut the tall trees in your yard? Contact us today to receive a tree removal quote. We also offer emergency tree removal services for your convenience and safety.

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