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5 Arborist Tree Services

Anyone who decides to keep trees on their property should have a trusted arborist in their contacts list. While trees are generally fairly low maintenance, occasionally, they will need cultivation, care, and treatment for various afflictions. Handling these concerns is the job of an arborist, who must be highly trained to perform the job safely and effectively. They should carry all the necessary certifications and proper insurance, as well as have access to the various tools required for the many jobs that an arborist is able to perform.

Below, we’ll discuss five of the most common arborist tree service jobs that you may need to have performed for the trees on your Oregon or Washington property. Note that this list is by no means exhaustive: your arborist will perform many, many other tasks. However, the following services are simply a few of the most frequently requested.

1. Tree Pruning and Trimming

Pruning the limbs and branches of your trees is one of the most important tasks your arborist will perform. Safety is one of the reasons why you will occasionally need to have this done. If a tree limb becomes sick or dies, it may have to be removed before it falls, potentially damaging property or causing injury. Trimming can be performed for aesthetic reasons. An arborist can trim a tree to conform to a specific shape or stay within a designated boundary.

Usually, your arborist will perform tree pruning or trimming services during the autumn and winter. This is due to the fact that trees are dormant during this time. With their metabolisms slowed, they’re less likely to be injured by the pruning process.

2. Planting a New Treemr-tree-5-arborist-tree-services

Trees are usually fairly low maintenance, however, they are surprisingly demanding when they are saplings. Planting a new tree must be done a certain way and often in a certain location, based on soil type, sunlight, and so forth, otherwise, the roots may not take hold and the sapling may not survive. Contact an arborist tree service to discuss options regarding planting trees on your property. They will be able to advise you on the best species of trees to use in your area as well as what to expect throughout the lifecycle of the tree.

A new tree must be planted to a certain depth. Too deep, and the roots won’t be able to get much-needed water. Too shallow, however, and the tree won’t be able to anchor properly in the ground. Newly planted trees usually need to be watered, but not too much. Your arborist will be trained in the specifics of how to set up your tree so it can thrive.

3. Removing an Old Tree

Tree removal is another task best left in the care of an arborist. Trees are large and heavy and can be dangerous if the person working with them isn’t properly trained. In many cases, limbs will need to be removed first, which will involve the arborist climbing into the tree and working with specialized power tools. When the tree itself is cut down, it must be guided carefully toward the ground and in a specific direction, otherwise, it could pose a risk of property damage. Once the tree has been cut down, your arborist can then remove it from the property. In some cases, you’ll be able to sell the wood from a tree and potentially earn some money on it.

Your arborist can also help you with stump removal. This is a huge job in and of itself. Usually, a specialized piece of equipment called a stump grinder is used. Sometimes, the stump can be removed in other ways, such as by rotting it or burning it, however, these methods tend to be much slower.

4. Treating Tree Diseases

Trees can be vulnerable to infection and disease, which are often caused by fungi or bacteria that have entered through an injured area on the tree. Tree diseases can also be caused by malnourishment, dehydration, or by an invasion of termites, beetles, or other insects. In any case, part of your arborist’s job description is to help protect trees from sickness and then diagnose and treat them if they do get sick.

Infections can spread from one tree to the other, as well as from branch to branch in the same tree. Poor air circulation, caused by the overgrowth of branches, can also contribute to the spread of disease. In these cases, prevention may be as simple as having your arborist tree service prune some of the excess branches.

In other cases, disease may spread further into the tree before it is noticed and stopped. If that’s the case, your arborist may need to apply a fungicide or other topical treatment. If the problem is caused by insects, an insecticide may be utilized. Care must be taken with the use of fungicides and insecticides, as improperly used, they may do harm to the tree itself, to surrounding plants, or to beneficial insects that make their home in the tree.

5. Emergency Services

Most of the tasks listed in this article are somewhat routine. You should regularly have an arborist come check up on your trees, even if they appear perfectly healthy to ensure that they stay healthy. In this way, your arborist can address most potential problems before they become too severe, saving you a good deal of money in the long run, not to mention helping to preserve your beloved trees for many years. No matter how prepared you are, however, the unexpected can still happen, and perhaps the most important arborist tree service is emergency care.

Inclement weather can damage a previously healthy tree, quickly turning it into a safety hazard. Heavy winds, hail, or lightning strikes can cause limbs to fall and even trees themselves to topple. Your arborist can get there quickly to remove damaged parts and do everything possible to save the tree. If it’s not possible to save the tree, they can remove it safely, and they can advise you on planting a new one if you wish.

Finding the right arborist is critical to keeping your trees happy and healthy for a long time. Contact a certified, insured company with a lot of experience in Oregon and Washington, such as Mr. Tree. Our highly trained professionals can ensure that your favorite trees brighten your property for years to come.