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7 More Than Just Decorative Trees

You want to beautify your yard, and what better way to do that than by planting decorative trees all around? They’ll add value to your home, add natural beauty, and add extra color to your yard. But some decorative trees can bring even more to your yard, from fruit to wildlife. If you’re looking for more than just beauty in the trees in your yard, you can have that.

If this is of interest to you, here are seven trees that are more than just decorative trees.

Kousa Dogwood

Dogwood trees are one of the most popular trees that you can grow in your yard, and there are many different varieties for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a decorative tree that can also bear fruit and attract wildlife, look no further than the kousa dogwood. Scientifically called Cornus kousa, these trees are also more commonly known as the Korean dogwood. They bloom later than the flowering dogwood, but they’re still beautiful, and they’re resistant to anthracnose disease, allowing them to survive better. Kousa dogwood trees bear fruit that attracts local wildlife like butterflies and birds.

Western Redbudmr-tree-7-more-than-just-decorative-trees-western-redbud

The western redbud is a small tree, at only 15 feet tall, that is a year-round beauty. When it blooms in the early spring, it’s covered in rose-purple blossoms. It has heart-shaped leaves that start off green but then turn blue. By the summer, the seedpods ripen to the color purple. As you can imagine, all of the colors are breathtaking by the time fall comes around. This tree will not only add these beautiful colors to your yard but will also attract song sparrows. Who doesn’t like a gorgeous view with birds singing in the background? It sounds like a perfect summer day to us.

Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum

Do you want a tree in your yard that will truly make your yard stand out from others? Look no further than the thundercloud purple leaf plum. This is a deciduous tree that needs full sun in order to thrive. It will reach about 20 feet tall and easily will become the focal point in your yard. Every spring, these trees are covered with single pink blooms. In the fall, the foliage is a beautiful purple color. In addition to its striking colors, it produces a red fruit that is edible. It also provides shade, as it’s 20 feet wide. All of this will attract a nice variety of birds to your yard.

Crabapple Trees

Crabapple trees are a medium-sized tree that blooms each April to May with pink and white blooms. Some varieties (there are over 1,000!) also carry their color into the fall and can turn shades of yellow, orange, purple, and red. The best option for an Oregon yard is the western crabapple. These trees produce fruit that will attract a variety of birds from all over to your yard.

Mountain Hemlock

Have you ever watched a movie set during the wintertime where they show images of picturesque trees with branches that slope under the weight of the snow? It just looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Well, with the mountain hemlock, you can bring that scene to your own yard. Depending on the variety of tree you plant, you can have a mountain hemlock that grows only 10 feet or one that grows up to 100 feet tall.

Their flexibility is what sets these trees apart from the rest. The branches will bend under the weight of the snow, but once the snow melts, rather than breaking, the branches will bounce back. Plus, their cones provide food for birds and squirrels.

Western White Pine

A pine tree just has that beautiful, classic tree look. These are large trees, growing up to about 135 feet tall. Pine trees are a big food source for many different local wildlife, so if you want to attract more than just birds to your yard, these are the trees for you. Their oily seeds are enjoyed not only by birds but also by small mammals like squirrels and chipmunks. Porcupines and rodents enjoy eating the bark and the wood of pine trees. These trees can also attract deer to your yard, as they like eating the leaves.

Pine needles are great for animals like birds and squirrels to make nests in, making your tree not only a decorative tree but a home for them. Plus, come Christmastime, you already have your tree to decorate!

Tulip Tree

If you’re looking for a great tree to provide shade for you and your family, the tulip tree is the one for you. You probably guessed it from the name, but these trees have tulip-shaped flowers on them in the springtime. Come fall, they have bright yellow leaves. These are great shade trees, as they grow as tall as 80 to 100 feet high, and they grow fairly quickly, more than two feet in a year. It’s the perfect tree to put a chair under and simply lay outside enjoying the fresh air in the warmer months.

All of the above trees are beautiful but have more to them than just looks. Whether it’s producing fruit, attracting wildlife, providing shade, or being flexible, they all have their benefits. They add special functionality to your backyard that gives it that something extra. Plus, you still get beauty too! The above seven trees are perfect choices if you’re looking to plant trees that are more than just decorative trees. If you’re interested in planting any of the above trees or have questions about care or upkeep, please give us a call at Mr. Tree today, and we’ll be happy to recommend which we think will work best in your yard.