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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Commercial Logging

As long as people need wood products, commercial logging will be in business. With so many forests in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, logging has become a common local practice. A logger’s job is to cut down trees to sell as timber, but logging is no easy feat. This job is notoriously known for being one of the most dangerous jobs out there. It’s physically demanding work that requires skill and precision. So when it comes to having a large number of trees cut down, it’s safest to hire professionals. Their training and expertise give them the best chance of completing this job safely and efficiently.

Are you looking at having loggers come to harvest your trees? It may seem like an overwhelming task. You want to trust that the logger won’t take more trees than agreed upon, that it has the proper insurance, and that the appropriate equipment will be used. But not everyone is qualified to meet all of these requirements.

So when it comes to commercial logging, the best option is to hire a professional commercial logging company. The expert staff can educate you on the practice of logging, give you a proper estimate, and even provide recommendations for mills to sell your lumber to. Mr. Tree has been performing professional logging services in Oregon for years. We can attest to the fact that hiring a professional is smart. Here are a few other things to consider that will convince you that hiring a professional commercial logging company is the best choice for your trees.

They Can Responsibly Perform a Dangerous Job

Because logging is one of the most dangerous jobs a person can perform, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to do it. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics named logging the number two most dangerous job in the US in 2017. In 2016, it had the most fatalities per number of workers of any profession. These fatalities are often caused by the physically demanding and uncertain nature of the job.  These tasks are also performed in the woods and can be far away from a hospital.

One of the most dangerous aspects of this job is felling the trees, which is the process of cutting down an individual tree. Many fatalities and injuries occur during this process. Another dangerous part of this job is the natural elements loggers encounter, such as steep terrain and inclement weather. That’s why it’s so important to choose a professional when it comes to commercial logging. Having the most up-to-date training could be the difference between life and death.

They Will Use the Proper Equipment

It’s imperative that the logging company you hire has the right equipment for their work. They should also have the right equipment for your land. Loggers on your property should use machines that are appropriate for the amount of logging that needs to be done. This will ensure damage to the property is kept at a minimum.

A commercial logging company should also have employees who are appropriately dressed for the job. Hard hats, ear protection, and leg protection are just a few pieces of gear that should be worn when using dangerous equipment like chainsaws. A professional commercial logging company will be fully outfitted when performing these tasks and be able to answer any questions you have about what machinery will be used for your logging job.

They Can Avoid Long-Term Damage to the Environment

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Commercial Logging

Now is a crucial time to be proactive about our impact on the environment. Employing unprofessional loggers opens the possibility of hiring someone who isn’t aware that improper logging could be detrimental to the environment. For example, logging too close to certain areas or practicing clear-cutting can create erosion of the land, as well as unnecessarily displace local wildlife. Improper logging could also create flooding or mudslides due to the lack of trees absorbing moisture in the soil.

You wouldn’t want your logging to negatively affect anything it doesn’t have to. And cutting away all of the trees in an area increases the chances of long-term damage. A way professional loggers avoid damaging the environment is by practicing selective logging. Selective logging is when a commercial logger only cuts a portion of a species of trees out of an area. Parent trees are left behind to reseed or giving younger trees a chance to grow larger. This helps to avoid deforestation and also gives the area a chance to repopulate with trees in the future. Being aware of logging’s impact on the environment is something professionals at Mr. Tree are proud of.

They Will Have the Proper Insurance

With so many hazards connected to commercial logging, having professional people you can trust doing the work is paramount. You want to make sure the workers, the land, and the property surrounding the land are protected at all times. This work can be dangerous, and no matter how many times a person has performed logging before, they can still become injured. And if an injury does occur to a worker on your property, you need to make sure you’re protected as well.

That’s why having a completely professional and properly insured company doing your logging is so important. It should have general liability and completed operations insurance so that you’re not liable if there’s damage to your property. And if there are multiple employees working on your property, the commercial logging company should have worker’s compensation. This ensures that you aren’t responsible for any damage to the property or injury of a worker caused by the work being done. A professional commercial logging company will have all of the insurance needed and will be able to provide proof of that insurance.

They Plan Sufficiently for the Job

When you hire a professional commercial logger, you don’t want the rest of your trees to suffer for it. Anyone can attempt to cut a tree down, but it’s not easy to do so without knocking down a lot of other trees and plants. Proper logging takes time, planning, and precision to complete successfully and should be taken very seriously. A professional will be able to plan their logging accordingly, using techniques that will keep as many of the unlogged trees in one piece as possible.

When felling trees, a professional will determine the best way to do so without crushing everything in the tree’s path. This means there will be a lot of planning before any work is officially started. Preplanning, such as creating a specific and single path for the log skidder, will keep equipment traffic to one area and keep injury of other trees to a minimum. They will also plan for how the tree will fall and how to pull it in a straight way so as to continue to not injure other trees. This may take more time, but it is an important part of the process that professional commercial loggers will implement.