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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Company

It is still cold and damp in the Pacific Northwest so you might not be thinking about the health of your trees just yet, but while you’re snuggled up inside with a warm beverage this is actually an ideal time to consider your landscaping plans for this spring.

If you are a new homeowner, didn’t have much land to landscape in past years, or simply wasn’t impressed with the services another tree company provided, your first step should be looking 

into who to entrust with your evergreen or deciduous beings.

Ever hear of the saying, “you get what you paid for”? Well, tree care is no different than any other home service and this couldn’t be truer. And while you should certainly ask for quotes on the services you are requesting, don’t stop there.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Tree Company

Here are five questions you should ask before hiring a tree company.

1. Do you have a certified arborist on staff?

You might wonder if this is necessary if you are only looking to remove a few large limbs from your tallest trees, but it really should be a consideration. An arborist, rather than a random company who offers to trim your trees, will be intimately familiar with exactly how, where, and when to make cuts to ensure you receive the results you want while preserving, and even enhancing, the fruitfulness of your tree.

Arborists at a tree company have also taken their knowledge to the next level through formal training and are ready to advise and treat no matter what they encounter. While you may have just requested tree trimming, if you hire a company with certified arborists then they’ll also catch if your tree has been infected by a disease and discuss your options so that your tree and your property remain safe from further harm.

2. Have you completed jobs like the one I’m requesting?

This isn’t amateur hour over here. Why would you hire someone who’s just as experienced as you are to take on a task? You wouldn’t, which is why you’re calling in the professionals.

While most tree company should be more than experienced in tree trimming, pruning, and stump grinding, if what you really need is lot clearing or disease mitigation, then you’ll want to know you’re selecting a team who can properly handle the situation at hand.

3. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

You probably hear all the time that you should ask all service-oriented companies this basic question. But, it’s also easy to assume because this is such a basic step that, of course, the company has filled this requirement. Unfortunately, you really can’t afford to assume because if something does arise and you didn’t ask, then you have a brand new problem to deal with.

This question, while basic, is so necessary. It protects you from any issues that may come up. And, since tree care is inherently dangerous, it’s not outside the realm of possibilities that your property or even another person incurs an injury. Unless you want to take the financial risk–and we strongly recommend you don’t–make sure to ask if the tree company you want to hire is licensed, bonded, and insured before signing any papers and moving forward with any work.

4. Do you have any references and have you worked in this area?

These questions often go hand-in-hand but are independently important when deciding which tree company to hire. When it comes to references, any tree company you’re speaking with should be delighted to share reviews and references. They will want to share the phenomenal work they’ve accomplished over the years and show you what you can expect in terms of quality, professionalism, accuracy, and effectiveness. They should also have a list of references you can call that contains people so pleased with their work that they can’t wait to tell you why this company is the best.

Similarly, these references and reviews should be from California or Northern Washington. Yes, these areas may have similar landscaping, but no one knows your neighborhood like you do, just like no one will know your neighborhood trees like a local company. Plus, it’s best to hire a company you can contact again, especially if you liked their service. You also don’t want someone who’s running from town to town who you’ll never see again and might not know the local ordinances regarding tree care.

5. Do you take on commercial work as well as residential?

If you are looking for a tree company that specifically provides commercial services like lot clearing, logging, excavation, demolition, or extensive tree removal, then certainly you should make sure to find one that has ample experience taking on projects of this magnitude.

However, it’s a great question even if you’re just looking to prune a few trees on your residential front lawn. That’s because if a company can take on a commercial job, they should have absolutely no problem handling your much smaller request. Plus, any additional experience in the field, just like any, will add useful knowledge, especially in circumstances that can only be learned on the job.

At Mr. Tree, we recommend these questions because we know what it takes to accept and properly complete a job with professionalism and skill while providing exceptional customer service. While tree care may look simple at times, it’s truly a complex art that is learned over years of experience utilizing state-of-the-art tools while staying abreast of the current industry information and trends.

We provide top-of-the-line service at competitive prices because we care about our customers and the needs of their trees. We want our community to continue to thrive in the greenery-filled Portland metro area and we want to be a part of it in our small way.

So, if you’re looking to hire a tree company come spring, ask the right questions and you’ll know you’re getting the best service from a reputable company.