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5 Pacific Northwest Landscaping Ideas to Give Your Yard a Fresh Look

If your yard has been looking dull lately, you may be considering ways to give it a fresh look, especially if you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of the Northwest. If you enjoy finding inspiration from your surroundings, rejuvenating your yard with some Northwest-inspired landscaping can be the perfect project to take on.

So, how can you incorporate the Northwest into your landscape? You can start by bringing in different types of trees and shrubs. With the generous amount of rain the Northwest gets, they’ll have rich soil to grow from. That soil will create a perfect environment for lush plants to thrive.

Though taking on new shrubs and trees may seem like a daunting task, having a professional to call for maintenance, like Mr. Tree in Oregon, can make these additions feel more attainable. With professional help, you won’t have to worry about tasks such as tree trimming, pruning, or tree removal on your own.

Here are some Pacific Northwest landscaping ideas to help bring your yard back to life.

Grow a Douglas Fir

If you have the land to accommodate large trees, then incorporating a few Douglas firs into your landscape will give it a Northwest feel. The Douglas fir, sometimes referred to as the Oregon pine, is very common in the Pacific Northwest and has actually been the state tree of Oregon since 1939.

Douglas firs have the potential to grow up to 60 feet tall and even taller in the wilderness. You may have had one as a Christmas tree before, but in Oregon and Washington, they’re found in abundance in parks and forests. If your backyard is looking bare, planting a few of these trees will make your landscape feel plusher in a matter of years. Once planted, a Douglas fir tree will grow at a medium rate, increasing around 13 to 24 inches every year. At full size, having a large tree in your front or backyard can also add to the overall property value of your home.

These trees thrive well on their own but will benefit from occasional maintenance. Tree pruning can be done if wayward branches are blocking walkways or windows or just to ensure the overall health of the tree.

Plant Northwest Native Plants


One of the best ways to give your yard a Pacific Northwest update is to start to grow plants that are native to the area. They’re proven to do well in the climate and will only need occasional maintenance to continue to do so.

One plant to consider is the pacific rhododendron. The pacific rhododendron is an evergreen shrub that’s native to the Pacific Coast. Its flowers are usually a variety of shades of pink and are accompanied by dark, leathery green leaves. The shrub can grow from 5 to 25 feet tall and would look great on the corner of a home or property.

Fireweed is another native Pacific Northwest plant that can be a beautiful addition to your yard. In the spring, the flowers bloom, boasting red stems and pink flowers. These flowers can be seen on Northwest landscapes around Mt. Rainier, as well as in forests. Adding them to your property will add to the diversity of your yard.

Incorporate Roses

Portland, Oregon, is known as the City of Roses, and when you’re in Portland or the surrounding area, you’re sure to see many of them. These flowers provide a pop of color in the sea of green that covers most Portland landscaping and can draw positive attention to your yard.

If you’re thinking about incorporating rose bushes into your yard, placing them in your front yard is the way to do it. You can plant the bushes so that they line your walkway, your driveway, or your house itself. They’ll greatly improve the appearance of your home while adding to your Northwest aesthetic. Visit the International Rose Test Garden for inspiration, and have your bushes trimmed by professionals to keep your yard looking tidy.

Grow Fruit-Bearing Trees

Have you always wanted to grow your own food? Pacific Northwest yards are great for growing fruit-bearing trees. One of the most popular fruits grown in the Northwest are grapes, so adding a grapevine could be a cool project to take on, while also adding a new and exciting dynamic to your backyard.

Another fruit plant that thrives in the Northwest climate is apple trees. They look great in yards and can provide an abundance of fruit. Apple trees can do well in your yard as long as they’re properly maintained. Keep the branches well-pruned throughout the year, and you’ll be able to enjoy delicious apples every year.

Encourage Moss

If you live in or have visited the Pacific Northwest, you’ll know that the weather is typically pretty wet. During the fall and winter months, gray clouds fill the sky and a drizzle occurs almost daily. Though this isn’t always the perfect weather to play outside in, it’s the perfect weather for moss to grow in.

Moss creates a bright green color on stones and trees, and it even grows brighter when well-moistened by rain. As it grows on stones or on the sides of trees, you may be tempted to scrape it away. But moss actually has many benefits for your yard, and embracing moss could enhance your landscape’s beauty. If you have large stones in your front yard, allowing the moss to grow on them could create a beautiful dynamic that mirrors the natural forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Moss is also good for your yard for more practical purposes. For instance, moss helps to prevent erosion. The roots of moss are able to hold soil together well, trapping water in it and keeping it from ruining other parts of the landscape. It also requires little to no maintenance on the lawn owner’s part, as moss’s ability to hold water means that it also requires little to no additional watering.

These few Northwest landscaping ideas can bring new life to your yard. When you need additional help maintaining trees or shrubs, call Mr. Tree. Our professional staff has been servicing the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.