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5 Industrial Tree Services in My Area

If you’re looking to take on a big land project soon, you may be wondering, “What tree services are in my area?” It’s a good idea to know what services are offered around you so when you know what you need to have done you know who should do it.

There are many different tree services offered in Portland, Oregon. Professionals, like Mr. Tree, offer numerous services to people in the area, from tree removal to commercial logging and everything in-between. At Mr. Tree, we have just the experienced and knowledgeable staff you’re looking for. Industrial projects require a well-trained team and comprehensive service options to choose from. Here are five industrial tree services that you may need to get done.

Lot Clearing


A piece of land overtaken by trees and rocks can be transformed into a completely new and usable area with lot clearing. Many spaces, such as shopping centers and residential communities, were once forests, before they were cleared and built upon. If you own a piece of land that’s filled with trees, and you want to make it into usable space, you’ll want to look into lot clearing. During this process, a tree service company will use machinery to rid it of all the trees, rocks, and shrubs that are making it unusable.

This is a great service for people looking to build a house. Finding land can be difficult, and there can be more options at better prices for land that isn’t completely cleared out. You can also use this service for a smaller area on your property, to clean it up or to start something new, such as an agricultural project. Hiring a company for lot clearing is easy and will bring you one step closer to creating what you’ve been dreaming of.


It’s hard to build a new home when the land is uneven or filled with debris. This is why tree service companies offer excavation as an option. It’s often a service that’s paired with lot clearing. Excavation is the process of digging to perform services like road building, ground leveling, and landslide debris removal.

If you’re having a lot cleared in efforts to start construction on a home or new business site, you’ll have excavation done as the next step. It can be done to create a road or driveway leading up to your property or to level land that was previously hilly. Excavation will help to prepare your land to become a clear and clean slate for your project.

Tree Removal

Do you have a tree on your property that you think needs to be removed? Some trees that are experiencing issues can be fixed with tree pruning or tree trimming. However, if you have a problematic tree on your land that’s beyond repair due to damage or disease, it may be time to look into having it removed. Tree removal is a popular tree service in the area. With the heavy rain and windstorms that frequent the Portland area, trees are often subject to damage.

If you notice a large crack in your tree, dead branches, rot, or decay, it’s best to call a professional tree service company to determine if the tree should be taken down or not. These could all be signs of internal damage. A professional will be able to let you know if the tree can be saved or not. Choosing to put it off after seeing damage like this could become a dangerous and potentially expensive risk.

Damage and disease aren’t the only reasons people want trees removed. Sometimes a tree is located in an area that you want to build on, and having a professional remove the tree can be a quick and easy process. A tree service company like Mr. Tree in Portland has all the equipment necessary to safely take down your trees.

Commercial Logging

The Portland area is filled with beautiful trees, and sometimes those trees are used for more than just their beauty. Logging is the process of cutting trees down so that they can be sold as timber. People use timber to build houses, make paper products, and even make furniture. And that’s just some of the many uses that come from the trees being cut down.

The sale of timber is very popular in the Portland area, but not just anyone should be cutting trees down. The process of commercial logging requires skilled and experienced professionals to maneuver the heavy machinery and tools needed for the job. Commercial logging is one of the most dangerous jobs in the US, even when professionals are doing it. So it’s best to not even attempt to do a job like this on your own.

Mr. Tree is able to offer a variety of comprehensive logging solutions to customers in the Portland area. With options like forest thinning, clear-cutting, controlled burning, and even reforestation, Mr. Tree can assist you with any commercial logging you’re interested in having done. And when your commercial logging job is complete, you can look into selling the timber and making some extra money.

Stump Grinding

Just because a tree has been removed doesn’t mean there will be no trace of it afterward. There’s nothing worse than feeling the relief of having a tree taken down only for it to be replaced by a huge, uneven tree stump. But since you can only cut down to a certain point of a tree, there will often be a stump left after tree removal. Removing a tree stump on your own can become dangerous and lead to damage on your property if not done correctly. This is why stump grinding is a service that most tree service companies offer.

Tree stumps can create an eyesore in your yard, but with the help of a professional and their specialized stump-grinding equipment, the ground can be leveled. All traces of the tree can be removed from sight. Using specific tools and machinery, a professional can grind the stump down so well that you won’t even be able to tell it was there before. A good professional tree service company will even clean up after the stump-grinding project so you don’t have a torn-up piece of land to deal with later on.

There are many tree services in your area that can be helpful to your next land project. So long as you have experienced professionals on your team, the sky’s the limit for what your unusable land can be transformed into.