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5 Common Oregon City Tree Services

At Mr. Tree Services, we know that living in Oregon City means enjoying leafy parks and neighborhood sidewalks lined with trees. With mountain views along the Willamette River, you’re close to the Portland metropolis while being close to the forest. We love trees and we want to help you take care of them. We take pride in creating satisfied customers by providing the utmost quality in tree care.

Our trained tree care experts are licensed, bonded, and insured for your and your neighbors’ protection. With trained staff and a team of certified arborists, there isn’t an Oregon tree service we can’t help you with.

Residential Tree Services


While residents of Oregon City are responsible for the general tree care on their own property, sometimes there are more complicated needs that require a permit from the city or consultation with a certified arborist. While urban spaces are filled with trees and residents benefit greatly from them, sometimes they need to be removed because they get old or infested with disease.

Sometimes, trees might grow in a wonky way or they can become crowded without sufficient space to spread out. This can sometimes present a danger, as the trees grow old or have to be removed because of an infestation or storm damage. For needs like this, you can contact a certified arborist for help. Some common Oregon tree services you might need include tree removal, stump grinding, and tree pruning, trimming, and shaping.

Commercial and Industrial Tree Services

A team of dedicated individuals is required for a large-scale project, such as investing in commercial property development. Whether you need to clear a lot or undertake more intensive projects, such as demolition, logging, or excavation to prepare your parcel of land for development, there is an Oregon tree service that can help you.

Below are five—plus a bonus!—of the common commercial, industrial, and residential tree services you can find in Oregon City.

1. Tree Trimming & Shaping

Trimming residential trees is a regular service provided by tree care companies. It’s an important job to maintain the health of your trees as well as to ensure the trees on your property are visually appealing. A tree expert can also help to determine whether a diseased tree needs to be removed or if the health of your tree could improve simply with trimming and shaping.

Even a healthy tree can be trimmed to keep its appearance consistent. Healthy trees will always improve the overall look of your property and, in turn, your home’s curb appeal. Beautifully groomed trees can also increase the value of your property when you prepare to sell it. Whether an overgrown tree needs significant branches removed to let in sunlight or reshaping after storm damage or because of new landscaping plans, contacting a professional can ensure the work is done properly.

2. Tree Pruning

Pruning the trees on your property promotes the healthy growth of a vibrant and leafy crown. This is crucial for your trees’ health as well as for the safety of your property and all who visit it. While it’s possible to simply cut off branches, certified arborists are skilled in pruning that promotes growth, not only considering aesthetics. An untrained person might prevent the healthy growth of the tree by chopping away large branches from the tree without a strategy for future growth. Pruning done by a professional arborist will stimulate growth.

Each branch is removed strategically so the tree can flourish without growing wild and unruly. Methodical pruning trees keeps them safe too, offering protection from threats of pests and disease and ensuring no tree is left exposed from damage.

3. Tree Removal

Sometimes, damage, pest infestation, or disease cannot be remedied by routine trimming or pruning, and the tree needs to be cut down and removed from your property. Disease and pests can make a tree fragile. So can damage from a storm. Removing a tree that is fragile or unstable requires expert assistance to ensure the safety of both the property and the people in the area.

Determining whether you need a tree expert isn’t difficult. You can inspect your trees, and if you see any dead branches with decay, rot, cracks, or seams in the bark, these can all be indicators that you need a tree service company to come in and remove the damaged tree.

4. Lot Clearing

Lot clearing is a commercial or industrial tree job. It can become a necessity when you want to develop property that is covered in trees, brush, and other groundcover. Trees and shrubbery have a way of getting out of control when left to their own devices. A key role of a lot clearing service can be to assess the land to prepare it for your upcoming construction project.

Vegetation, stumps, and uneven ground are no match for a team of trained experts. All of the trees and previously built structures that stand in the way of a new build can easily be removed with the right skills and equipment. Mr. Tree Services provides a professional team and affordable and competitive prices, and projects are completed in a timely fashion.

5. Stump Grinding

Stump grinding can improve the aesthetics of any land, whether it’s a residential or commercial property. Once trees have been cut down and removed, some people might think that the job is complete, but stumps scattered around the land or your yard can be an eyesore. A tree professional can help by grinding the stumps and roots to several inches beneath the ground surface with professional-grade equipment. The space can then be used for building, landscaping, or even future trees.

Bonus. Tree Expertise

If you’re undergoing a new landscaping project, a common Oregon tree service is to provide planning and advice for planting new trees. These planning experts can also help you understand how the location of the future trees can be impacted by environmental conditions, such as soil type, amount of sunshine, and wetness.

Tree care can be an overwhelming project. Whether you have a giant industrial lot to clear or a tree in your front yard that was struck by lightning and fell down, don’t hesitate to contact a tree professional. No matter how big or how small, whether your tree service needs are residential, commercial, or even industrial, we can help. For all of your Oregon City tree service needs, call Mr. Tree Services to talk with a professional and get a quote today.