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5 Tall Trees to Plant in Your Oregon Yard


Oregon is well-known for lush forests, picturesque rivers, moderate coastlines, and Oregonians that take great pride in land stewardship, ethical development, and natural aesthetics. There is a great deal of value in diversity, and with over 30 native species of conifers and 37 broadleaf species, there’s no shortage of tall trees in Oregon. In fact, […]

What Trees Grow Well in Full Shade?


Does your yard not get a lot of sunlight but you’re still looking to plant trees in it? Do you find yourself asking what trees grow well in full shade? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, look no further. There are a variety of trees that grow well in full shade. […]

7 Trees That Provide Food for Wildlife


Picking the right trees to plant in your yard takes vision. There are many traits or filters you may consider when thinning out your tree selections. For some homeowners, they search for easy-to-maintain trees, fast-growing trees, trees that offer shade and privacy, or maybe fruit-bearing trees. Other homeowners, however, want to look out their windows […]

5 Trees Native to Washington State for Your Yard


Did you know that there are more than 25 species of trees native to Washington State? This makes choosing one of these trees a great and easy option to plant in your Washington State yard. Choosing a tree that’s native to the area can help ease the burden of maintenance, as you’re planting it in […]

Clear Your Yard of These Common Weeds in Portland Oregon


Portland, Oregon, is a beautiful place to live, but those who love spending time enjoying their yards have a shorter season due to the cooler climate. This means you’ll want to be proactive and clear your yard and garden of common weeds. Some weeds are considered invasive species in Portland, which means they impact wildlife […]

What Are the Best Trees to Plant to Prevent Erosion?


Soil erosion is a matter of global concern since it results in massive soil degradation. Moreover, the slow rate of topsoil renewal is worrisome—erosion causes the topsoil to run off, and it’s estimated that only 2.5 cm of topsoil grows after 500 years. The presence of adequate trees in the ground is one of the […]

Fertilizing Your Trees in the Pacific Northwest


The Pacific Northwest has some of the most beautiful landscapes around. The forests in this part of the country are beautiful year-round and boast many different species of trees. Our beautiful trees and plants receive their nutrients from the decaying organic matter in their natural habitats. This means the fallen leaves and decaying animal and […]

5 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Your Portland Oregon Yard


There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t enjoy the sight of a perfectly landscaped garden. Apart from adding an aesthetic element, landscaping can even improve your quality of life. It’s estimated that a single tree is capable of getting rid of at least 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, which is equal to the […]

What Do Certified Arborists Study?


Caring for your trees isn’t difficult with our team of certified arborists at Mr. Tree. An arborist has specialized knowledge about trees and woody plants, and with it, they protect trees from infections and damage and also protect humans by ensuring a tree doesn’t interfere with public works. For instance, trees that grow tall enough […]

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