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What Is the Best Stump Remover?


A tree stump on your property is more than just an eyesore. It can pose a danger to people and property if it isn’t promptly removed. Even after the tree has been felled, the roots can continue to grow, clogging pipes, causing the sidewalk to buckle, and creating a tripping hazard for people outside. The […]

What Can Make a Tree Deadly?


The trees on your property can do a lot for your mental and physical well-being. Trees create shade and provide privacy. They also offer a pleasant place to relax outside and a fun focal point for children and pets. Trees attract birds, beneficial insects, and other wildlife to your property. They help to keep the […]

7 Trees That Attract Birds to Your Yard


Having local wildlife in your yard can really bring the beauty of your yard to the next level. Everyone can simply plant trees, but planting trees that attract birds to your yard is something you may want to consider. Whether you just want to add the beautiful sing-song chirping to your home or you want […]

What Are the Steps of Cutting Down a Tree in Sections?


Sometimes, our beloved trees must be removed. They die, they decay, they become sick or injured beyond repair. Sometimes, trees grow too big or too close to houses and other buildings—their roots become exposed and rupture sidewalks, roads, pipes, or underground cables. Sometimes, trees planted too close together crowd each other out, competing for resources […]

How To Preserve a Tree Stump You Want to Keep


If you find yourself with a dead, dying, or removed tree, but it still has a viable base, here’s how to preserve a tree stump. There are a couple of ways to go about this, depending on your end goal. If the stump is left in the front or backyard, it might attract pests who […]

Tips for Planting Spruce Trees


When you are planting spruce trees, it’s important to ensure that you start the process in the right spot. You also want to be careful about avoiding soggy soil. Well-drained soils are the best conditions for growth when planting spruce trees, as the tree specialists at Mr. Tree would tell you. Beyond that, when going […]

Why Are Tree Roots So Important?


The roots of a tree are the parts that don’t bear any nodes, nor do they ever leaf. They are the base of the tree. Just like a house, the stronger the base, the stronger the structure will be. Everyone knows that tree roots are important to a tree. But do you know why they’re […]

5 Tips for Caring for a Young Maple Tree


Adding a maple tree to your yard is a great choice. They are some of the most popular trees found in North America. In fact, three different species of maple trees are native to Oregon specifically. These three species are the big-leaf maple, vine maple, and Rocky Mountain maple. For more information on these three […]

What Can I Do About Bugs in My Cherries?


Spring has sprung, which means our gardens are starting to come to life, bringing beautiful new flowers that bloom into our beloved fruits and vegetables. For those who have the pleasure of enjoying home-picked cherries from their very own cherry trees, you may notice some of the cherries have a little extra bonus when you […]

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